Friday, April 15, 2011

World Trade Center Accra?

My goodness! There's a World Trade Center in Gh.

A couple of days ago, I was driving home when one of my passengers (I usually give a ride to some of my colleagues after work) asked me what some building was. I looked at it and passed a very uninterested remark like it's probably for one of the bank's or it's just going to house some offices or something. Now, this building is real huge and right next to the British Council.

So, I forget about it until this morning. I'm driving to work and I do what everyone else does when they see the amber light (I guess it officially now means speed up and beat the red light) but unfortunately I'm not successful. So here I am patiently waiting for the light to change green (it's the traffic light right after the British Council coming from the TUC traffic light) and thinking about Kwaku Doe because that used to be his spot when I just look to my left and there it was. A banner hanging from this building saying "World Trade Center Accra". Then it goes on to say office space and shops to rent or something like that.

How original can you be! Let's just hope it doesn't suffer the same fate as its name sake in the US. Matter of fact I should probably start changing my route (same route I use to and from work) just in case.


  1. World Trade Center Accra ??? I hope it doesn`t suffer too..gotta go see this building.

  2. Is your World Trade Center also a twin tower? If yes, then I too will advice you to change your


  3. LOL They could have been a little more original with the building's name. WTC is sooo not right.
    Well, at least if Ghana ever gets a note that terrorists are about to blow-up a building, we know which one to evacuate first.

  4. There are world trade centers all over the world. There is no unoriginality in this. Their establishments are sanctioned by the WTC commision or something like that.

  5. Ye women of little faith, what if u have a schedule meeting in the tower it self.


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