Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Everyone has a Secret

Yep, we all sure do have at least one secret. That thing you did that you don't want anyone to find out about. It's funny though cos God does see all and chances are someone helped you do a cover up so that someone does know. Or maybe something you did with someone that you don't want to come out, but the someone you did the something with knows. Ok, are you as confused about all I've written as much as I am? Sorry, not my intention, but if you think about it, everything I just wrote does make sense, at least small :P

So, what's your secret? Wanna share? How about you fess up now before someone reveals it? Or will you take your chances and hope to take it to your grave? Even then, you realise it just might still come out even when you dead. Filla is still filla whether or not the person it is about is still breathing or not.

I was thinking though, how about we all write our secrets in a book and keep that book locked up somewhere (maybe in a safety deposit box in a bank or something). That book of secrets can only be read when the owner of the book (writer of their own secrets) is dead. And how about the reading be done at the funeral out loud to all present (let's see how many donations will be made and how many tears will flow then). Maybe people will be a lil more forgiving since the person with the secrets is dead.

Just my mind in overdrive though. But I know if my secrets should be revealed especially to those that would be hurt the most, I'd rather I wasn't there.

Roverman Productions in partnership with Joy FM and Graphic Showbiz presents "Everyone has a Secret", a play written and directed by Uncle Ebo Whyte.

Why will a man have an accident and hide the true details of the accident?
Why will his wife wish him out of her life and perfectly pretend she loves him?
Why will a man try to disrupt the marriage ceremony of his friend?
Why will a man chicken out of his own wedding the morning of the ceremony?

"The price for cheating is just too high"... (tell me about it)

"Everyone has a Secret" tells an intriguing story about a group of friends who gather to have a nice holiday. Things don't quite go as planned as they all end up facing their darkest secrets. The ones no one dares talk about except...

Venue: National Theatre
Date: 1st and 2nd December, 2012
Time: 1st show 4pm, 2nd show 8pm
Rate: GH¢40.00

Tickets are available at Shell Shops at Airport, Achimota, Sakaman and Tema Community 11, Baatsona Total, Frankies Osu and Accra Mall, Joy FM, JaneAnn Supermarket and Pills and Tabs.

Main Sponsor - MTN

So tell me, what's your secret? (maybe I won't tell anyone)

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