Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kwaku Doe: The Betrayal (New Friends)

Apparently, I'm not the only person in Gh that's interested in Kwaku Doe.
Well, I did report earlier that I wasn't too happy with him so I'd chosen not to give him money. Well, this morning, he walks up to my car, asks for money and as has been the norm lately, I shook my head and told him I didn't have any coins. He moves away seemingly unbothered and I'm wondering why, cos he should be wondering why I've chosen not to mind him.

So, he moves on and I spot him two cars behind me spending too much time chit chatting with the driver in that car. As I'm getting real curious cos he's been with that driver too long smiling plenty, I see the driver of that car handing him a note that looked so much like a GH¢5 or GH¢10 and then I see Kwaku Doe go down on his knees and I guess he was saying thank you.

Oh my! That's the second time I've seen him go down on his knees in the middle of the road. No wonder he was not bothered about me not giving him money. And no wonder he said he makes GH¢20 everyday.

Being the curious person that I am, I drove real slow when the lights turned green so that my competitor could pass by me so I could seize up my competition. Turns out my competition is a young man who drives a nicer car than I do and can obviously afford to give notes rather than coins.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Kwaku Doe - Ungrateful

I've not really written much about Kwaku Doe in a while, why? Cos of something I realised about him. He sure is UNGRATEFUL! A couple of weeks ago, I get to his spot and he moves to beg from the cars in the inner lane (I was on the outer lane). He gets to the car right next to me (I'm so watching) and begs. The lady reaches into her purse and hands him a GH¢1 note.

Guess what Kwaku Doe does after receiving the generous contribution? He goes on his knees in the middle of the road and thanks the lady. Now, I'm just sitting there staring at him and wondering why he never went on his knees whenever I gave him my coins? All those coins given on different days put together will amount to more than what the lady gave him.

I happened to pass by his spot with my brother one weekend and my brother asks if that's the Kwaku Doe I'm always writing about. I answer in the affirmative and my brother asks if I don't remember him. A couple of years ago, my brother and I were on that same road but this time somewhere near the TUC traffic light when Kwaku Doe walked up to my brother's car to beg for money. My brother handed him a ¢500 coin now Gp5 coin. Kwaku actually handed it back saying it couldn't even buy kenkey and fish as if he'd never heard the saying "little drops of water".

Goodness! Now I remember him and now I'm not so sure I want to still give him any money (haven't given him anything since the lady with the GH¢1 note) or write about him any more.

Kwaku Doe - Why I love Him

I love his wrist watches. He's got like all these different coloured wrist watches he always wears. He's got a red one and a blue one. The other day, I saw him wearing a Rolex.

He doesn't joke with his watches at all. I hope the same goes for the time shown on the watches.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Death Anniversary - Weird Title

Well, aside "Celebration of Life",  "Anniversary of Death", I couldn't think up any other titles.

It's another September 8
It's another anniversary
I never thought it would be possible
But sometimes life gets in the way and I forget you

That really isn't fair
I feel guilty whenever I realise that happens
Cos I got to live, but you dint
At least we know on this day, I'll always remember you

RIP my dear friend
I should say till we meet again, but that's such a cliché
You know you seeing me again right?
lol (hope you know what that means. became real popular after you left)
xoxoxo ♥

Car Decor - I'm Not Talking About This Again After This Post

Seriously, there should be some law in town about this.
How'd this woman (it was a woman, I checked) expect to use her rearview mirror with all this in the back of her car? I really felt like arresting her or something.

Kwaku Doe - The Comeback

It's been a little over 7 years since I started writing about Kwaku Doe. From first talking about him in my  Plight of a Hungry Man  ser...