Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Efua Dentaa Relief Fund

Warning!!! This is going to be a very long post. I got to make up. It's been ages since I've been here.

Quite a number of things have happened over the last week. There was valentine's day. I don't really care much for val's day. It just usually takes away the shine from my birthday. I don't believe I have ever received a val's day present and a bday present all in the same year ever. I usually get one and it's for both days or I just get a bday present. Why? Cos my birthday is the day after val's day. The only perk I can think of for having my birthday so close to val's day is that people will always remember my birthday. Well of course, there are always those moments when people call me on val's day or the day before to wish me a happy birthday (cos they know it's somewhere near val's day but they aren't too sure of the exact day). I'd say the one that really really did it was when one friend of mine called me up on val's day a couple of years ago and said, and I quote "happy belated birthday in advance". Seriously?

So, after val's day was my birthday. Yay! I'm a year older, wiser, smarter (I hope) and I am forever grateful for all my blessings. And then the day after my birthday, my house got broken into by burglars. Why some people choose not to work and break into the houses of those of us that work to make an honest living beats me. Why don't they just do what Kwaku Doe does and beg on the streets for money if they don't want to work. At least that could be considered as making an honest living. Yeah, so I am down, trying to get over that. I am still angry especially thinking of the stuff they took but at least it happened during the day while I was at work so then I wasn't around and I didn't get hurt. It seems that's the new trend in Ghana. Thieves breaking into your house during the day when there's no one at home instead of at night. At least that ways, no one gets hurt in that process. Anyways, yes, I am still accepting contributions to the "Efua Dentaa Relief Fund". Just let me know if and when you would want to contribute :D

This post has already got real lengthy (I am seriously considering breaking it up into 2 different posts). Yes, I will break it up into 2 and tackle the issue I wanted to from the get go in another post (ok, so that means I got to rename this one. Yep, I got just the right title).

The original post I wanted to put up will be up later this week (probably tomorrow).

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