Friday, May 24, 2013

Active Advertising (Seriously?)

I know I said I won't talk about billboards again, but I just couldn't help this one. Billboards just seem to keep beckoning me (so not my fault).

I'm calling this active advertising cos I just don't know what to call it. What do you call an advertisement that requires you to research to find out what the advertiser wants to tell you? Well, since it appears the advertiser wants to involve the audience and wants them to work actively to understand what is being advertised (I hope all that made sense), I'd call it active advertising.

So, I came across such an advertisement on a billboard at the same location I saw the billboard of the Pastors that I said bothered me. Matter of fact, aside the message, this billboard too bothers me cos it has a pastor with a ring, which he appears to be advertising. Do the rings have some kind of powers? (just wondering)

Yeah, nice ring!
Date: 23 Tuesday - 28  Sunday. I guess I'm supposed to pick up my calendar and find out in which month 23 and 28 fall on a Tuesday and Sunday respectively. Should they happen to happen twice in this year (who says it's even this year), I guess I'll just have to guess when the conference is. This billboard has been there for a while and it is actually still there. So, I thought I'd check against this month, since it's still there (just in case), plus it caught my attention this month. And guess what? 23 this month (yesterday) was a Thursday and 28 is a Tuesday. Oh boy! Do I have to work that much to find out when your conference is going to be so I can attend? Or those who are to attend know it?

It really wouldn't have hurt if you'd just put there April 23 - April 28, 2013. That way, when it takes you forever to take your billboard down, we will know the conference is old news.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Updates... Billboards, Twisted Somethings...

I almost didn't make it this week (at least one post a week).
Doing it over the weekend will probably not happen, so I've got to do it by Friday.

Ok, so what do we have by way of updates (I almost feel like a news anchor)? The "Definitely Deadly Billboard" is still where it is, in the same condition and it appears it'll be there for a while like that (frankly, I'm tired of talking writing about it). So, to a related topic, I spotted this one just across the road from the entrance (not the Spintex side) to the Accra Mall.

Flexi's still on so I guess it's safe to say, it fell

Yeah I know, still has to do with billboards. Seems this really is nothing new in Gh (appears I'm the only one that's shocked. can you blame me? they are huge). Hopefully, there were no casualties or hopefully, the company pulled it down before it naturally fell (any other ideas?).

I watched "Twisted Tips" again last Saturday, and they didn't spend another 30 minutes doing a recap of the last episode. It appears there might be a storyline (if you can call it that) but it appears "dark and twisty" (picked that line up from Grey's Anatomy). Why do people watch programmes they say are uninteresting (like I keep doing with "Twisted Tips"), cos this time, I went out of my way to watch. Well, maybe it's cos we want to have something to criticise (any other ideas?).

Next week, I'll talk write about something else (that's a promise). Interesting stuff just can't help but happen around me (even if they don't, I'll make my own interesting stuff happen).

Friday, May 10, 2013

:) ... Definitely Twisted

I'm sad. Very sad.
I go on twitter this morning to tweet :( and for some reason I rather tweet :) and I only find out my mistweet (is there even such a word?) this afternoon (I must have been too distraught to check). I contemplated tweeting what I'd wanted to, but I didn't, and I just put it here as well. Why? Cos everything happens for a reason. I entered a competition hoping I'd win, but turns out I wasn't one of the finalists (just found out this morning). There's a reason I wasn't shortlisted (thinking positive).

I am not venting by taking out my distraughtness (I am not 100% sure its a word but why is it underlined?) on this, but I was going to talk about it way before I got my sad news.

Ever watched "Twisted Tips" on Viasat 1 (if you're in Ghana)? Oh my! I always see the ad, but I never watch. Two weeks ago, I was at a friend's place and it was showing. We weren't really watching television, so none of us bothered to change the station, but the television was on (I hope ECG doesn't read this). For some reason, I peeked a bit, and then I watched, and I can't believe anyone put money into producing that. WHAT!!! I guess it's no wonder that at the end, there was an ad asking for sponsors for the show.

Seriously? I wonder if there's supposed to be some kind of storyline. The actors and actresses seemed (were acting) like a bunch of extremely horny kids (maybe that's the storyline). The whole programme just didn't make any sense. Yeah, it's supposed to be an episode in a series and I should have been watching to understand, but trust me, even if I'd been in on the concept from when the creator had it till now, it still wouldn't make it any less twisted (maybe it's supposed to be that way, hence the title).

I watch (on the internet) a lot of foreign (non-Ghanaian) programmes (is that surprising?) and I don't have DSTV (sad) so when Viasat 1 showed up on the scene, I was elated. Why? The station seemed to be anti-Gh content (suited me just fine). Now, either management has changed or management has changed its mind cos there's a whole lot of local programmes on the station, and personally I find most of them... (I reserve my comments).
Big up Viasat 1 though. It is good to patronise made in Gh stuff (if only they would be as good as...)

So, last week, I was at the hair salon and guess what? It was time for "Twisted Tips" and guess what again? The television in the salon was on Viasat 1. So, I really had no choice but to watch (I could've closed my eyes though). Unless they did a recap of the last episode for like 30 minutes, then it was just a repeat of what was shown the previous week (smh).

"Twisted Tips" is on every Saturday on Viasat 1 at 4pm (or is it 4:30pm?) - my attempt at an ad for the show (sponsorship is very very welcome).

Friday, May 03, 2013

Update & then some...

I almost didn't make it this week (at least one post a week), but I did make it (whew!).

This is very hurried and will be pretty boring, maybe a little bit repetitive, (at least the first part).
So, the frame of the deadly billboard remains as it has been for a while now.

I guess it'll remain like this for a while (maybe until it causes some havoc)

Earlier this week, I was driving to work when this garbage truck joins in ahead of me. I was so fascinated by what I was seeing behind the truck that I deliberately missed my turn and went all the way to the end of the road (I really just wanted a picture, and I was willing to risk my new baby, but not enough to hurry up and get off at my exit).

What was so fascinating? There was the usual guys (2) hanging behind the truck, but there was this one other guy sitting, and he was actually napping behind the truck (I'm not kidding). Sad thing is, when I finally got round to taking that picture, he'd woken up :(

was he just hitching a ride with them or was he actually working?

I'm just wondering. How safe is it? Even for the 2 hanging guys? I know we got to have hanging guys at the back of garbage trucks (somebody has to carry the bins to the truck) but really, isn't there an alternative. As for the guy napping, (I really don't know what to say).

And it wasn't like the truck was moving at a slow pace. There's virtually no traffic on the Oxford Street that time of the day, and I had to speed up to keep up with the truck (you should've seen the speed with which the truck exited at its turn. it was so fast and sharp that I couldn't follow even though I'd wanted to).

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