Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It Bothers Me!

I don't know why it does but there's this billboard I see every morning on my way to work and it so gets to me (for some reason).

The billboard advertises a religious conference and it's got the pictures of the speakers (all of them pastors). Two of them have posed with a hand each in a fist and showing a ring. Matter of fact, when I see the billboard, all I see is the rings (I don't even know what the conference is about and when it's gon be held cos I just see rings) and it bothers me. Is it some pastoral ring or something? (I just might be that clueless).

What's up with the rings (and they are huge too)?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Don't Mess with a Woman

In partnership with Joy FM, Roverman Productions Presents "Don't Mess with a Woman", a play written and directed by Uncle Ebo Whyte.

What do you do when your best friend steals your man? For Naa, that is a simple matter - just steal her wedding. And how do you steal a woman's wedding? This is the story told with wit and humour in "Don't Mess with a Woman", the latest play by Uncle Ebo Whyte.

"I don't think a woman knows herself anymore when she is pushed to the wall" - Naa in "Don't Mess with a Woman".

"Revenge is sweet but in the long run, it is empty and very expensive" - Odame in "Don't Mess with a Woman".

Venue: National Theatre
Date: 1st and 2nd September, 2012
Time: 1st show 4pm, 2nd show 8pm
Rate: GH¢40

Tickets available at Shell Shops at Airport, Achimota, Sakaman and Tema Community11, Baatsona Total, Frankies at Osu and Accra Mall and Joy FM.

Main sponsor - MTN, everywhere you go.
Other sponsors - Blue Rose Limited, Onga, Alvaro, Merchant Bank and BF Soap.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Adventures in a Foreign Land - The Blizzard!!!

As usual, I woke up, took a shower, got dressed, had breakfast, got my coat, mitts, muffler etc. and headed on out. I open the front door and oh my goodness! (I dint even get to fully take in what I was saying "oh my goodness!" to cos I had to attempt to shut the door with lightening speed). My goodness! the gust of wind that blew in when I opened the door eh, hm, if I hadn't been holding on to the door, I'd prolly have been blown onto the ground. I literally had to fight against the wind to shut the door (seriously).

Ei! I had never seen that much snow in one place before. Everywhere was just white and the snow in the driveway was like waist deep (I am not exaggerating. I should prolly add that I used my height to arrive at that estimation).

Obviously, it dint make much sense to go out in that weather besides, it was a 20 minute walk to the bus stop (I couldn't imagine doing that walk in that weather). But hey, I had to get to work and it was just about 20 minutes to the time the bus I needed to board to get downtown, would arrive at the bus stop. I did contemplate waiting for the lady I lived with to show up from work, which would be in a couple of minutes (she was on night shift). At least then, I'd get a ride to the bus stop. Decisions, decisions. And I had to make that decision chop chop (time was running out).

Eventually, my Gh friend (I lived with her too) advised that we brave the weather and head for the bus stop (made sense. afterall, in that weather, we had no idea when the lady would get home or if she'd be willing to go out again).

So, on we went, trudging through snow that was knee deep (knee deep for the both of us) and yep, I had my first fall right after the driveway :( Turns out it was gon be the first of many falls {the wind just kept blowing me onto the ground snow, (seriously). Don't know if I am that light or the wind was just that strong, or a combination of both :| }

Hmmmmm... the 20 minute walk turned out to be an hour and a half walk :o The wind was just too strong (I guess that's why it's called a blizzard), I kept falling onto the ground snow (I even gave up after a while and just sat down for a bit) plus it was very difficult to walk fast or walk at all in snow that was knee deep. The roads were being ploughed but the sidewalks weren't :(

Obviously, we missed the bus and all we could do was sit at the bus stop, which wasn't even sheltered and contemplate whether we should go back home or attempt to walk to another bus stop. We were out of breath and the thought of walking any further wasn't appealing at all. Worse yet, we were literally freezing at this bus stop. We had to make a decision and act on it fast (walking dint even keep us warm). It was just too cold and if we sat at that stop any longer, I'm sure all that would be left of us would be ice sculptures :o

And then, Halleluyah! We spotted the lady we lived with driving towards us. Apparently, she'd seen us on her way home, made a turn around and came to get us. The heat in her car was just such a relief (I have never been that happy to feel heat. Well, I could count a couple of other times I was but this one tops all those other times). She dropped us off at another bus stop, which was thankfully sheltered (at least we got some heat) and where we could easily get another bus headed downtown.

We got to work eventually though we were awfully late but hey, who was checking? We'd just survived our very first blizzard (my bum was real sore afterwards though. the snow cushioned a bit but not completely).

Moral? Your friends don't always have the best advice. Bad weather isn't really always just an excuse not to be at work. If it's a blizzard, abeg, stay at home (even if you have a car).

It is refreshing to blog about something other than food :D

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