Wednesday, October 30, 2013

When I Was A Celebrity

For a whole six days, I was a celebrity.

Actually, it started four days before the six days and it has gone on for like two weeks after the six days. I did radio interviews, television interviews, then I was flown to South Africa to watch Rihanna perform live at the Soccer City, I was chauffeur driven around, I lived in a luxurious hotel in an absolutely bougie neigbourhood, flew back to Ghana with television crews filming my arrival and interviewing me at the airport. I should add that I watched Rihanna perform live VVIP style :D That means I had a different entrance into the stadium, I was in the VIP section with a limited number of people, I had access to as many cocktails as I wanted throughout the concert, and plenty of food (starters, main course, desserts), basically all I could eat. I've also done radio and television interviews since I got back. I have had strangers walk up to me saying, "I know you. You are Dentaa. You went to see Rihanna. OMG! I saw you on TV, saw your pictures online and heard you on radio". And then I have had friends call about the same thing. Whew! It ain't easy being a star, and just when I thought it was all over, well it ain't, cos reruns of the interviews are still showing on television, plus thanks to the pervasive nature of social media, my face is still famous :D Oh my! I really am a superstar (I never leave home without any makeup on now).

It really is interesting how somewhere in September I did a post on Ms Naa and then last week I was sitting in the studio being interviewed by her (she is real cool in person too) on Ryse and Shyne on YFM.

Heading to SA
Transitting through Namibia
At O. R. Tambo Airport, Johannesburg
Lunch on my day of arrival with one of the SA Reps.
At Soccer City
VIP was just awesome!
Yep, VIP was absolutely awesome
I had a bit of everything
And the cocktails just kept flowing :D
I had to do some sightseeing before leaving!
At Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton City
Monte Casino is just off the chain!
As for this hotel, how I wouldn't mind living here permanently
How did all this happen? I took part in a text and win competition organised by #Y1079FM and ETV Ghana. No, I'm not double standard. Yes, I have been going off on these text and win competitions but I did take part in this one. Why? This one from the get go seemed reasonable and challenging, cos I got to answer questions (on music) and based on whether I got the answers right or wrong, I scored some points. Answering the questions wasn't a walk in the park either. Trust me, had it been a highest-texter-of-a-word-wins kind of competition, I would totally have not bothered. Had answering the questions been as easy as taking candy from a baby, I wouldn't have bothered either. Yes, I did have some issues with the competition but I stuck it out, saw it to the end and I won :D

All I got to say is, if I had to do this all again, I wouldn't change anything.
Just can't wait to be rich and famous though. The flashing lights, the cameras, the interviews, the paparazzi, the VIP treatment, I could so get used to it all.
Would have been just awesome if this star had got a picture with Riri, but this star couldn't manage it (believe me, I tried).

In all of this, I give thanks to God for making any of it possible.
Thank you #Y1079FM, ETV Ghana, Global Media Alliance and Starfish Mobile.

I was a celebrity (and in some ways still am, just Google my name).

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Muchas Gracias @Y1079FM

I have decided to lay off my book writing and PhD thesis writing skills until I get back from South Africa.

Yep! This girl is headed to the Rihanna concert at the Soccer City in South Africa courtesy @Y1079FM. When I get back, I'll have a much lengthier piece, hopefully with a picture of me and Ri Ri (fingers crossed) to put up.

Thank you @Y1079FM. Thank you @soulmanonyfm. Thank you #DryveOfUrLyfe.

See ya!

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