Friday, December 20, 2013


An award is something given to a person or group of people to recognise their excellence in a certain field.

There are different kinds of awards, which recognise individuals or groups for various reasons. Eg. there's the Nobel, Pulitzer, Academy Awards (Oscars), Grammy Awards, Excellence Awards (Ghana) etc. Some organisations also choose to award hardworking employees at the end of every month or end of every year.

What is the essence of awards? Well (this is just me thinking) I'd presume to recognise persons who have excelled in their field so they keep up with their good work, and possibly encourage others in that field to work harder and strive to be awarded the next time around (I guess).

What really happens? Persons are awarded, persons don't get awarded and there is sometimes dissatisfaction especially in situations where the same people are awarded over and over and over again and the selection criteria is not exactly clear cut.

If a body chooses to give any kind of award, is the body obligated to let anyone (especially those in that field) know what the selection criteria is (well, so maybe they will try to meet the criteria the next time if they don't get awarded this time) or is it really just the body's business (after all, it is the body's money that is sponsoring the awards) and whoever may have a problem should just go organise their own awards and award themselves?

Anyways, so I recently witnessed some people get awarded, and I also witnessed some people get upset about some of the individuals being awarded, and I also heard the organisers tell all those who had issues with it to go organise their own awards if they wanted. I witnessed the presentation of these awards have the opposite effect to what I stated earlier as the essence. People who did not get awarded were so upset (bitter) that they decided not to bother putting in their best. Why? Because in their opinion, they put in their best year after year and do not get recognised, while the same people get recognised year after year. In their opinion, if the body presenting the awards feels the same people put in their best year after year, then they too will sit back, not lift a finger and watch while these supposed hard workers do all the work (after all, they are going to get awarded for it anyways so they might as well do all the work because that seems to be the message being sent out).

Just makes me wonder. What's the point? Shouldn't some awards just be scrapped so everyone just does their work?

Creating enemies for some people. smh! Totally unnecessary.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Festival of Plays

Roverman Productions in partnership with Joy FM, National Theatre and Graphic Showbiz presents: "Festival of Plays".

In celebration of five (5) years of bringing to you original plays by Uncle Ebo Whyte, Roverman Productions brings to you five (5) plays this festive season.

What's My Name on Saturday, December 28, 2013
The Last Flight on Sunday, December 29, 2013
"The Day Dad Came" on Wednesday, January 1, 2014
"Apartment N1" on Saturday, January 4, 2014
Men Run Women Cry on Sunday, January 5, 2014

Venue: National Theatre
Time: 1st show 4pm, 2nd show 8pm (each day)
Rate: Single Ticket GH¢50.00, Festival Pack GH¢200.00

"The Day Dad Came" - Ama is in an abusive relationship and is hiding this secret from her father and the rest of the world. Things come to a head when her sister, Jane visits with a gift to wish her a happy birthday. The play explores the issue of domestic violence; why love relationships become abusive; why people stay in them; and how to turn an abusive relationship around.

"Apartment N1" - On the eve of the vetting of Mr. Ken Nti, a minister designate, he gets an urgent call that makes him rush to Apartment N1, an expensive dollar-rated apartment occupied by Serwa, a sexy student from a poor home. The play explores the issues of love, duty and fidelity.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Adventures in a Foreign Land - Robot

I was heading to a concert in a country other than mine (and so determined to not be late). Knowing the concert would be packed, I left the hotel so many hours before gates to the venue would open (I sensed there would be mad traffic).

I am close to the venue and some of the roads were closed depending on the ticket one had (I had VVIP tickets so, all roads were open to me :D). I showed my ticket to one of the security men, and he says "ok, first robot, second robot then take left". I am looking at him totally in awe because in my head, they got robots to direct people at the concert. Totally awesome if you ask me. My chauffeur goes like (he had to speak because my mouth was still open in awe) "ok, thank you", then drives off.

We go forward for a bit then my chauffeur takes a left. "Ah! Why did he do that? The robots haven't even come yet", - that was me thinking in my head. Aloud, I go like, "I think you've made a mistake. The security man said we should take a left after the second robot".
Chauffeur: "But that's what I did".
Me: "No, the robots haven't come yet".
Chauffeur: "hahahahahahahaha... (I'm sure if he could have, he would have been rotflhao).
Me: "Did this guy just lose his marbles" - that was in my head. Aloud, "Why? What's wrong".
Chauffeur: "Robot is the traffic light. What the security man said meant, I take left after second traffic light".
Me: Looking very foolish, "Eh! Traffic light is robot? Eish! I didn't know ooo... In my country, traffic light is just that, traffic light".

Moral: unless your name is Google, you don't know everything!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mightier than the Sword: How the News Media Have Shaped American History

Roger Streitmatter

Mightier than the Sword
How the News Media Have Shaped American History

Illustrations, Notes, Bibliography, Index
xii + 287pp. $34.27

Colorado: Westview Press, 1997


“Burke said that there were Three Estates in Parliament; but, in the Reporters' Gallery yonder, there sat a Fourth Estate, more important far than they all” – Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881). In his trailblazing book, “Mightier than the Sword: How the News Media Have Shaped American History”, Roger Streitmatter recounts how important this Fourth Estate is. From the 1700’s through to the 1900’s, he gives a gripping account of fourteen distinct occasions when the news media not just reported, but played an active role in events that made history in America.

Between 1830 and 1850, the abolitionist press – both black and white achieved the thorny feat of disseminating throughout America the evils of slavery thus resulting in the Civil War. In due course, this dark aspect of American history was relegated into near oblivion and slavery abolished in 1865 as a direct result of the Civil War.

A journey through Roger Streitmatter’s “Mightier than the Sword” takes you through a string of comparable incidents when American journalism had a part to play in the shaping of this nation’s history. The cases of the abolitionist movement as well as that of the struggle for women’s rights, the civil rights movement and Watergate all depict instances when the American press had a positive impact on the history of that country.

Streitmatter however does not concentrate just on the gallant roles the media played in shaping American history but also touches on a couple of instances when the press abused the mighty power it wields. On these occasions, the media did have an influence on society and brought about a change – not necessarily appealing to the best in human nature. The warmongering efforts of some journalists contributing to the Spanish-American War, the press slowing the pace of women’s rights and the Anti-Semitism fomentation of one man via radio illustrate such instances. Spanish Commander Valeriano Weyler captured the manner in which the press abused its power when he said of the Spanish-American War – “The American newspapers are responsible. They poisoned everything with falsehood.”

Roger Streitmatter also gives an account of one occasion where the positive and the negative role the media played in American history came out. This was the story of Joe McCarthy and his use of the media to terrorize Americans. Ironically, the media also caused the exposé of McCarthy as well as his downfall.

A trip through Roger Streitmatter’s “Mightier than the Sword” brings to light the gradual evolution of journalism from just the use of the print media to the use of radio and television as well. The author utilises a systematic approach in doing this by telling his story in a sequential manner. He focuses on a particular period and the form of media available and then moves on to the next while bringing out the transition from the use of print to the use of both print and electronic media.

Streitmatter spares his readers from the wearisome task of reading through countless names, dates and newspaper headlines that characterise most books on history. He is however able to tell his story accurately by bringing out the facts. Looking at Roger Steitmatter’s account of Watergate in comparison to that of Katherine Graham in her autobiography, Streitmatter brings out the essential details of the case and the important personalities directly involved thus making it easy to follow and understand. Graham on the other hand, having had a direct involvement in Watergate, made mention of every single person involved as well as all the dates on which events took place. In “Mightier than the Sword”, Streitmatter succeeds in summarising this incident without leaving out any vital information.

In his final chapter, Roger Streitmatter tells of how the news media influenced various incidents in the past. According to him, “The news media have shaped American history. Absolutely. Boldly. Proudly. Fervently. Profoundly.” Streitmatter gives a synopsis of the various chapters while bringing out elements the news media employed in shaping the history of America. The author signs off making suggestions to “the citizens of the Fourth Estate” on how to develop themselves and utilise effectively the powerful tool they have.

Roger Streitmatter’s “Mightier than the Sword” succeeds in taking readers on a whirlwind expedition through American history while bringing to the forefront the various roles the media played in shaping this history. As a journalist cum cultural historian it is evident Streitmatter has more than a fair idea of this subject matter. This is noticeable in his other works, which include “Sex Sells! The Media’s Journey from Obsession to Repression”, “Voices of Revolution: The Dissident Press in America” and “Raising Her Voice: African-American Women Journalists Who Changed History”. In all these books, he documents how the media have had an impact on American culture, as we know it today. Streitmatter does this remarkably in “Mightier than the Sword: How the News Media Have Shaped American History”. Here, he is able to accomplish the grueling task of summarising fourteen major and discrete events in American history without leaving out vital details and at the same time avoiding the clutter of too many names and dates.

Not all is perfect, of course. In his introduction, Streitmatter identifies one of his target audiences as journalism students. A journalism student myself, I found it a bit difficult understanding some of the words he used as they were unfamiliar to me. Some may argue that this probably serves as an opportunity for students to enhance their vocabulary but I found it a bit tedious shuffling between the book and my dictionary.

Roger Streitmatter set out to increase our understanding of both American journalism and American history in “Mightier than the Sword: How the News Media Have Shaped American History”. This he did beyond reasonable doubt. To portray just how influential the media is, Canovas del Castillo, the Spanish Prime Minister at the time of the Spanish-American War summed it all when he said to an American reporter “The newspapers of your country seem to be more powerful than the government”.

Monday, December 09, 2013

Mightier Than The Sword II

A foreign retail and fast food company in Ghana was as at three weeks ago infested with cockroaches.

Three weeks ago because I haven't been to the shop in three weeks and I am trying to make this report as accurate as possible (just in case the situation has been contained).

A couple of months ago, I went into this shop (I shop there a lot. makes sense after all their tagline does boast of them having the lowest prices) to buy drinks. On the drinks aisle, I saw a couple of cockroaches on the shelves. For some reason I wrote this off. I guess mainly because I felt all the drinks are sealed (as if the Berlin Wall separates the drinks aisle from the cooked food).

A couple of weeks after that, again in the drinks aisle, I saw some cockroaches and wrote that off as well. The only thought I had in my head was "ewwwwww... yuck!". Then a week later, I'm buying apples in this shop and there, on the floor, I see some cockroaches. For some reason I think that's okay since the cockroaches weren't on the apples. Besides, in my head, apples can be washed before eating. Sad thing is the apples are not too far from the cooked food.

Three weeks ago, I walk into this same shop with a friend and he wants to check out the pastries. We move to the baked food section and my friend taps me on the shoulder and points at something. I look, and there, on what I'd like to call a doughnut (not sure exactly what it is) with chocolate topping was a cockroach frolicking in the chocolate. My first instinct was to scream "Cockroach! Cockroach!", but I didn't give in to my first instinct. Last thing I wanted was to start a panic and possibly a stampede (I could get hurt in that). So, I calmly call one of the attendants in the baked food section and I draw her attention to what I'd just seen. She takes the tray on which the cockroach was on out of the display case and I walk away. Too disgusted to get any pastries, my friend and I make our way to the drinks aisle where I tell another shop attendant what I'd just seen. He then goes like "Hmmmmm... These cockroaches. We sprayed the shop not too long ago too".
"What? You sprayed the shop with all the food in it? You sprayed the shop with everything still in it? What stopped the cockroaches from going to hide behind some appliance or inside some suitcase?" - that was me thinking inside my head.

My friend and I get our drinks and leave the shop. Outside the shop, we bump into another friend, tell her what we'd just seen, and she tells us how she bought two glass jars from this shop, gets home, takes them out of their packaging only for one to fall apart. Apparently it was so cracked and the only thing holding it together was its packaging. Then she tells us of how she once went into this same shop to buy cheese only for her to realise the type of cheese she wanted was mouldy (and this was early in the morning). She asks if I got pictures, and me of all people who likes to drive and take pictures had none.

I went back into the shop determined to get some pictures, and fortunately, I didn't have to make it all the way to the baked food section (I was still traumatised from the first time). I got on camera a cockroach snacking (I guess) on a bruised apple. Just to show the cockroach was not dead, I took a video, which shows the antennae of the cockroach moving periodically. I looked for and showed the pictures to a manager on duty in the shop at the time.

To anyone who thinks I'm making a big fuss about nothing, well...,
"Cockroaches are nocturnal insects. They prefer to live and feed in the dark, so a cockroach seen during the day is a possible sign of infestation". Mind you, this shop is very brightly lit and it even has air conditioning on all the time it's open.
"Aside the disgust felt at encountering cockroaches, they can trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks in humans. Cockroaches are capable of mechanically transmitting disease organisms such as the bacteria that cause food poisoning, and are known to spread 33 different kinds of bacteria, six parasitic worms and at least seven other kinds of human pathogens." "Cockroaches carry diseases such as salmonella and diphtheria and cause symptoms of abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. Cockroaches pose a risk to health as a matter of hygiene." - picked this from some websites.

This retail and fast food company sells cooked food, baked food, processed and packaged foods, kitchen ware, hardware, appliances, cosmetics, toiletry, toys and a variety of other things. The company does not originate from Ghana and I recently had the opportunity to visit the country this company originated from (this was after my discovery of the cockroach infestation). My curiosity (because I didn't buy anything there during my visit) had me visiting one of the shops in this originating country and I saw not a single cockroach (maybe cockroaches don't exist in that country).

The company I believe has three of its shops in Accra with the latest one barely a month old. I discovered the infestation in its very first shop set up in Ghana. I have since my last visit there three weeks ago not been to this particular shop. For love of my life, I chose last week to try out its less than a month old shop in Accra. I would much rather shop there until cockroaches discover there, then I'll move elsewhere. Hopefully, they don't transfer stuff from their first shop to this new one.

P.S. I left out the pictures. The story alone disgusts me enough without having to see the pictures. I deliberately left out the name of the company, but I'm sure anyone who knows it will get it from my description. The pictures will be too clear a giveaway of which company it is. I'm still thinking about whether or not to use them. For now, the pictures together with the video are in a safe place (almost sounds like I'm hiding something from the mafia :D).

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Mightier Than The Sword I

"Burke said that there were Three Estates in Parliament; but in the Reporter's Gallery yonder, there sat a Fourth Estate, more important far than they all" - Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881).

When I was in school, as a class assignment, I was to do a book report. Assignment was by Prof. Audrey Gadzekpo (totally love her. she's just awesome) and students were to select from a list of books. I chose the book "Mightier than the Sword: How the News Media have Shaped American History" by Roger Streitmatter. Good read. Look the book up if you can. I will do well to post the report I did up in here in another post. But now, to the issue at hand. Ghanaians do not seem to be very aware of the statement "Mightier than the Sword". Hearing it for the first time, someone might think, let's say, the gun probably is mightier than the sword (totally makes sense), but it's not the gun the statement refers to. The statement refers to the PEN (well, nowadays the keyboard I guess) being mightier than the sword. How? Read up on the Watergate Scandal (Google it. wikipedia gives an understandable account of the events) and see how two reporters broke a story that contributed to the downfall of arguably the most powerful person in the world (that's if you believe the President of the US of A is the most powerful person in the world). The book gives an account of fourteen distinct occasions when the news media not just reported, but played an active role in events that made history in America. The Watergate Scandal is just one example.

Where am I going with this? All around me, I see injustices being committed against people and they plus everyone else sit back, fold their arms and do absolutely nothing. I actually wanted to talk about another incident, but looking at how long this post has already got and will get, I'll stick to just this and get to that incident in another post.

At my place of work for example, I see injustices being committed by the big wigs against the common floor members all the time (watch any one of Roverman Productions plays and I bet you will see a sample of that), but they and everyone else (including me) do nothing about it. I guess those to whom the injustices are being committed against feel there really is nothing they can do and really, who wants to go up against the big wigs? Everybody else feels, it's really none of their business, and that's the category I put myself in until an injustice was committed against me. That's when I sat up and realised the big wigs can target anyone they want to, and it had just got to my turn. I'll not go into the details, but I will say this, I strongly believe the pen (aka keyboard in modern times) is mightier than the sword, I have a pen, I love using it and thank God I am good at using it too. I also believe in second chances and I believe in letting go. Reason I won't go into details is my belief in letting go and a bit of my belief in second chances, because even though an injustice was committed against me, the big wigs stepped up and redeemed themselves (at least in my eyes).

A few months ago, I went on leave for a couple of days (less than one week). On my last day of leave, I received a phone call instructing me not to come back to work but to proceed on leave for a whole lot more of additional days. Meaning I ended up on leave for a couple of months. Now, yes, I get that I had a whole lot of accumulated leave days, which had to be exhausted, but seriously, how is it that I go on leave for less than one week and then you call me on the last day telling me not to come back? For a second I really was at a loss because when a person goes on such a really long leave of absence from work, at least they know it and plan ahead. If it's a trip out of the country or some vacation time within the country, or something, it has to be planned and preparations made. Here I was, no plans made, because this thing was just sprang on me. Well, I complied (did I really have a choice) but resolved to make the most out of the couple of months I wouldn't be at work. I went to school (IPR organised a course, which I participated in) to upgrade myself, watched a bunch of movies and some series and then I, for the first time in my life took part in a text and win promo, which saw me winning and travelling out of the country for a few days. Anyone who really follows my blog will remember the very first post I did on the text and win promo. Yes, I had some grievances, which I aired in that post. I was not the original winner (for those who are wondering) but due to some circumstances, I was chosen as winner by default and interestingly enough the second winner (two winners were selected for that competition) shocked both me and the organisers (I presume). For me, I was mostly shocked because the competition rules suddenly changed somewhere along the line (necessitating my writing the post about it), which I voiced out in my post, so based on the new rules, the second person really should never have won. But this person did, and I had a blast with this person outside Ghana, and I was too busy having a blast to be too concerned about the further injustice committed by my workplace against me, because the injustice was committed the day I was leaving the country. Fortunately (for everyone involved) the injustice was corrected before I came back to Ghana and way before I had finished having a blast to have the time to think about it. So, I totally enjoyed the unplanned long leave I was obligated to go on, I watched movies, upgraded myself and took a trip outside Ghana. Before I get off the subject, I should add that I took the first post off because I wanted to. No one asked me to take it off (it is after all my space). I chose to take it off myself. Like I said earlier, I believe in second chances and letting go.

What I really don't get and find terribly strange is I'm sure the big wigs had their reasons for the decision they took. Sad thing is they forget that when they go for their big wigs meetings, all those present (though they are the big wigs) are human, and humans like to talk. These human big wigs leave their big wigs meeting, and some of them talk to other humans who talk to other humans and then eventually, whatever it is gets back to the person (in this case me). Mine is, if you feel I have done something wrong to necessitate any injustice (as I would call it) against me, why not call me to order? Why not make it known? Why not give me the chance to accept or deny and then you take your action against me? Sad thing is something I was supposed to have said (heard this from one of the humans who spoke to a human that was spoken to by one of the big wigs) in a so called open forum was used against me. Why then do big wigs in companies try to blind the eyes of common floor members by organising open forums so common floor members can air their views and share their concerns, only to use what they say against them? What really is the point?

I'm back at work, the injustice was corrected before I resumed and all seems to be right with this world I find myself living in. Right now, I find myself almost doing what I went to school to study (which really would make sense since I was just about the best in my class). Now, I was going to continue on that train of thought, but before I go on, I should add that, I first should have started by thanking God. I did start off with a little rant, but I do know and accept that all that I am, all that I have is by the grace of God and I know that God would never have let me go through anything that His grace would not have seen me through. Thank you Almighty Father. For those that do not believe in God, well, you got no idea what you are missing out on. I am one of the living testimonies of what God can do. I repeat, I am just one (believe you me, there are many of us). Now, I will continue boasting (as someone put it). I know I was one of the best in my class because I was the only one selected (by merit) to go study abroad by none other than Prof. Audrey Gadzekpo (she was the Ag. Director of the School of Communication Studies when I was a student there). I say boast because after my post When I Was A Celebrity, someone pointed out to me on BBM that I was boasting in that whole piece because not once did I mention God and that He made it possible for all that to happen. Trust me, no one knows better than I do just how much God made it possible. I did not say everything in that post and I haven't even said half of it here. Granted, I did not thank God in the post so after this person drew my attention to it, I edited the post and I did. Now, in drawing my attention to this erroneous error, this person goes on to send me a nice text about what God did to the Babylonians who believed in themselves too much and how people of today are no different from the ancient Babylonians because most of us worship idols (our selves). I really am not sure just how my posts come across. Mostly, I try to be funny and look at the lighter side of things. It really has never been my intention to self worship over here and if I have given anyone that impression, I sincerely apologise because I have so misled you. I am not an idol worshiper and I do not worship myself. But, for more on my idolatry (self worship) see My Big Day and Yipee! It's My Birthday! Look at Me...

I should add that this person who feels I was worshiping myself in my blog post sent me this nice text via WhatsApp. Anyone who knows how this application works knows to send a message to someone on WhatsApp, you'll need that person's phone number. I never gave my phone number to this person, I usually just chat with them on BBM. This person I should add is male and I (if you haven't already figured it out) am female. This person obviously dubiously obtained my phone number and prior to this Babylonian message had said "hi" to me without identifying himself. Dubiously because this person refuses to say how he got my number. Now, this person turns around trying to appear, I repeat trying to appear all Godly, SMH! Why do people try to make being a Christian so difficult and unappealing to others? Because I am a Christian I shouldn't write funny blog posts? Because I am a Christian I guess I should dress and walk differently too, right? I'm sure if this person saw me all dressed up walking down the street they would pull me into one corner in the name of exorcising demons out of me, and only God knows what they really would do. People, let's stop being pretenders. If you just found Jesus, praise the Lord for you (I have had Him all my life). But really, condemning others just so you can feel better about yourself?
While on the subject, to be clear on one thing, there are so many different kinds of blogs. People have Christian blogs, celebrity news (gossip) blogs and I'm sure there are some on Islam (not seen any yet). If you, Mr. Person, feel so strongly about the subject, feel free to start a blog on modern day idolatry (self worship) and ancient Babylonians.

Like I was saying, I'm back at work, doing what I know I've been trained to do and am extremely good at, and I thank God.

To all my haters, I say IN YOUR FACE! and GOD BLESS YOU! but change your life (phrase borrowed from Ms Naa of YFM). To those of you haters that don't believe in God, well, aside you not knowing what you missing out on (look what you tried to do to me and see what happened), still IN YOUR FACE! and GOD BLESS YOU! change your life and just maybe I might mess up myself (you know that will never happen, right. God won't allow it) and then the bad stuff you been planning will happen to me without you lifting a finger.

Interesting thing is since I got back to work, no one has said anything to me (y'all could have at least attempted an apology) neither have I said anything to anyone. Like I said, I like to let go. Someone asked me at work two weeks ago why I'm always smiling especially at the people that were trying to bring me down, and I was like, well, I don't want to end up all wrinkled and shriveled up like them. Besides, anyone who knows me knows I've always loved to smile, regardless.

I did want to get to my next post today, but I'm doubting it. Speaking my mind has resulted in me writing a semi demi PhD thesis (was trying to so totally avoid that). So, I will get to the injustice that is (or was depending on how things are going right now) being meted out to Ghanaians (and other foreign nationals in Ghana) by a department store (I'm guessing that's what it is) in Accra.

I know I'm totally getting some backlash for this lengthy post, but let me end with some food for thought. "If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner" - Nelson Mandela (1918-2013).

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Last Flight

Roverman Productions in partnership with Joy FM, National Theatre and Graphic Showbiz presents: "The Last Flight"

A play written and directed by Uncle Ebo Whyte.

Venue: National Theatre
Date: 30th November and 1st December, 2013
Time: 1st show 4pm, 2nd show 8pm
Rate: GH¢50.00

So much drama at an airport terminal, most of it hilarious, all of it thought provoking.
Personally, I can't wait to see the depiction of an airport check in counter on stage. Just as curious as me? You know what to do.

Tickets are available at Shell Shops at Airport, Achimota, Sakaman and Tema Community 11, Baatsona Total, Frankies Osu, JaneAnn Supermarket, Pills & Tabs and Joy FM.
To recharge old tickets, visit for a discount or swap old tickets at any of the points of sale also for a discount.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Adventures in a Foreign Land - It's Halloween!

For a really long time, the only thing I knew about Halloween was what I'd seen in movies and read in books.

So yes, I was pretty excited when Halloween was approaching and I was going to experience it first hand. I figured I was too old to go trick or treating (at that age, it would make sense to take my costume and go to a party instead), but I was totally going to be home and hand out candy to the trick or treaters that rung the doorbell. Oh boy! Couldn't wait to see the creative costumes the kids would come dressed up in.

Candy ready, I'm watching TV in the den and waiting and waiting and waiting... It's almost midnight and I'm wondering which parents would allow their kids to go out at that time. What was going on? I had my bowl of candy all ready by the front door but the doorbell just wouldn't ring. Kids couldn't be stuck in doors because of a snow storm because it hadn't started snowing yet. Yeah, it was cold but even I could brave that weather and walk outside (dressed appropriately of course).

Why were these kids depriving me of my Halloween experience? I would probably have been better off going to the Halloween party at the university. I just thought it would have been more exciting handing out candy to trick or treaters. Besides, I didn't have a costume and I would have so needed one to go to the party.

At half past midnight, I'm tired of watching TV so I descend downstairs to the landing to go move the candy back into the kitchen. I guess kids in this neighbourhood either don't like candy or they just don't trick or treat (totally not liking the bougie neighbourhood experience). I turn the light on to get the candy and then it hits me.

My hostess, before she left for work (night shift), said over and over again "do not turn the light off in the landing or the kids are going to think you either not home or don't want to be disturbed". Reflex had me turning the light off after leaving the candy by the front door. Bummer! I messed up my own Halloween experience.

Moral: you are more likely to mess things up when you are overly excited. Chill!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Started From The Bottom, Now #GetFamiliarGH® Is Here

#GetFamiliarGH® though having come a long way from a concept to an actual brand, has not been sitting on its oars.

Two years and counting down the line, and #GetFamiliarGH® true to its mission, still provides services for people who want to stay in touch. #GetFamiliarGH® is a Ghana based social media/advertising, event publicity, entertainment (music promo), PR, marketing/promotions and brand awareness company.

The company started out as an idea of one young gentleman, Albert Kwesi Appiah (Kinto Rothmans) through his use of Blackberry Messenger (BBM). In its early stages, #GetFamiliarGH® utilised BBM solely for marketing purposes, and later introduced a website #GetFamiliarGH®while utilising Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Later on, the company introduced an application for use on Android operating systems, although remaining extremely popular on BBM. The availability of BBM to the Android and Apple markets thus serves well for the company, especially as a message to its detractors who were of the view that #GetFamiliarGH® is limited, as its marketing and advertising reach only Blackberry users.

In an earlier interview, the CEO of #GetFamiliarGH® said, “In some years to come, #GetFamiliarGH® is going to be one of the biggest companies in the country”. It has been less than a year since that interview and it appears the company is well on its way to achieving this feat.

Notable among events organised by #GetFamiliarGH® is #FridayFriends, which is run by the company and takes place every Friday inside the Silver Lounge of the Accra Mall. The idea behind #FridayFriends is to host friends/fans/followers of #GetFamiliarGH® at one unique location for the purpose of socialising and basically having fun.

Before #FridayFriends, #GetFamiliarGH® promoted numerous other events. That was when the realisation struck that the company has the power to organise its own event, due to its unbeatable ability to drive massive traffic. Each Friday at #FridayFriends is characterised by a theme accompanied by beautifully designed graphics by Majid Osman, a graphic designer and member of the #GetFamiliarGH® teamWhen pink sheets were trending in Ghana, the theme at one edition of #FridayFriends was “Pink Friday”, where patrons were to come dressed in something pink and gain free entry up until a certain time. The 64th edition of #FridayFriends was dubbed “Men in Black”, and all male patrons dressed in black got in free up to a certain time.

#FridayFriends has been going on consistently for a little over a year with 60 plus editions, and it has already chalked some successes. The weekly club event, #FridayFriends was adjudged Best Weekly Club Event at the 2013 rlg Accra Nightlife Awards. Officials of Research in Motion (RIM) now Blackberry, makers of the Blackberry line of smartphones, paid a visit to Ghana and actually requested to be at one edition of #FridayFriends. #FridayFriends recently played host to mahou beer, official beer sponsor of Real Madrid Football Club. #FridayFriends was one of the destinations selected to be a part of the Mahou 5 star party tour, which hit Accra throughout September and October 2013. A few events were selected with the aim of promoting mahou beer in the Ghana, and #FridayFriends is proud to have been one of the selected few.

Kinto, the CEO, sees #GetFamiliarGH® as the mother of entertainment and showbiz across Africa and beyond and #FridayFriends a household name all over Ghana, and not just Accra in a few years to come. #GetFamiliarGH® prides itself as being the most consumer-centric organising team in the country, especially since its weekly themes really are derived from what is trending among Ghanaian youth at the time. These themes are widely accepted and embraced by patrons of #FridayFriends. It really was exciting to see patrons at the Silver Lounge of the Accra Mall during the “Colour Blocking” edition all clad in a variety of colours. The fusion of colours was just amazing.

According to resident photographer of #FridayFriends, Kwabena Awuku of Kwabena Awuku Photography, “#GetFamiliarGH® in its own way spices normal Friday nights up. Now everyone has something to look up to every Friday night. Not forgetting job opportunities for DJs, photographers, bouncers, etc and the #GetFamiliarGH® crew itself”.

#GetFamiliarGH® really has just started out and is still looking up to corporate Ghana and the international community for support in its endeavours. For the support #GetFamiliarGH® already has, the CEO says a huge thank you. “Keep supporting us, and we will not let you down. From here, there really is nowhere else to go but the top”, said Kinto.

For all young Ghanaians, Kinto had this to say, “I want everyone to embrace the can do attitude and outlook towards life. Young Ghanaians can do anything they put their minds to. No attention should be paid to negativity. Because when I started #GetFamiliarGH® I had a lot of people who made me feel I was wasting my time, but clearly as we can all see, it has really paid off and this is even just the beginning. So they should all put their minds to achieving greater heights and they will”.

One Friday night at #FridayFriends

Monday, November 04, 2013

Adventures in a Foreign Land - Daylight Saving Time

First time I heard of Daylight Saving Time (DST), I didn't quite get it, but I was excited. It was Fall (almost November) and I was told on November 1st, I was to set my watch an hour backwards. I did think it was interesting that everyone had to know and do this, and at the same time I thought it was pretty cool. For me, all that mattered was I'd get to sleep an hour more (of course I wasn't thinking of sleeping an hour less when the process was reversed in Spring).

I woke up bright and early one lovely Sunday morning and went through the motions of getting ready for church. When I was done, I set off and did the 20 minute walk to the bus stop. I got there with 5 minutes to spare before the bus was scheduled to arrive. Unfortunately this bus stop was not sheltered so I took a seat and waited in the cold. 10 minutes after the bus was scheduled to arrive, no bus in sight. 15 minutes, then I got worried. The buses aren't usually late, well at least not that late. At 20 minutes after the bus was to arrive at this stop, I was convinced I was feeling whatever a block of ice feels. At least I know I looked it because a taxi stopped right in front of me.

I wanted to scream "help me!" when the taxi driver rolled down the passenger window, but aside my lips feeling too frozen to move, I knew I couldn't afford to take a taxi. Matter of fact, aside money for offertory at church, I had no money on me. All I needed was my bus pass, which I did have. I had earlier contemplated going back home, but besides being determined to go to church, another 20 minute walk in the cold wasn't exactly a thought I wanted to have.

So the taxi driver asks where I'm going and I manage to tell him thanks, but I couldn't afford the taxi ride. He then goes like "Oh no! You look like you need a little help. I'm not charging you".

Whew! I jumped into the cab, rolled up the window he'd rolled down and then I tell him where I'm going. Unfortunately he couldn't take me to church but offered to drop me at the nearest bus terminal, which fortunately, aside being sheltered was heated too. Off we went chit chatting to the bus terminal. Turned out he's Tunisian and stopped to talk to me because he saw a fellow African in need. Also turned out he has a sister-in-law from Ghana. Boy did we have a lot to talk about.

I got off at the bus terminal thanked the cab driver and went on to check the bus schedule put up on the notice board. Fortunately for me, a bus that would pass close to the church I was headed to, came by like two minutes after my arrival. I hopped on and was on my way to church. All this time, I hadn't figured out what was going on. I just figured the bus broke down or the bus driver fell sick or something. Have no idea where I got these ideas from because I had never experienced a bus being this late ever.

And then I got to church and the doors were locked.

I was stranded. Here I was standing at this non sheltered bus stop, which didn't have a seat, with no idea when the next bus was going to come by. I just knew church service lasted 2 hours and that 15 minutes after church service ended, a bus would come by that would drop me at another bus stop where I would wait 5 minutes to catch another bus that would drop me where I'd do my 20 minute walk home.

So I'm standing close to the church trying to decide if I should start hitchhiking, not sure if I should try something like that in a foreign land, knowing very well I would never do it in my homeland, when I see people and cars heading towards the church. At that time I must have stood at the bus stop contemplating my next move for about 20 minutes.

I make my way into the church still not sure what happened that day until I picked up the newsletter for that Sunday at the entrance of the church. The date on the newsletter read November 1st and I could almost have kicked myself for not setting my watch an hour backwards the night before. I missed out on more sleep and was stranded in the cold more than once.

Moral: even when you think you are sure, double check.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

When I Was A Celebrity

For a whole six days, I was a celebrity.

Actually, it started four days before the six days and it has gone on for like two weeks after the six days. I did radio interviews, television interviews, then I was flown to South Africa to watch Rihanna perform live at the Soccer City, I was chauffeur driven around, I lived in a luxurious hotel in an absolutely bougie neigbourhood, flew back to Ghana with television crews filming my arrival and interviewing me at the airport. I should add that I watched Rihanna perform live VVIP style :D That means I had a different entrance into the stadium, I was in the VIP section with a limited number of people, I had access to as many cocktails as I wanted throughout the concert, and plenty of food (starters, main course, desserts), basically all I could eat. I've also done radio and television interviews since I got back. I have had strangers walk up to me saying, "I know you. You are Dentaa. You went to see Rihanna. OMG! I saw you on TV, saw your pictures online and heard you on radio". And then I have had friends call about the same thing. Whew! It ain't easy being a star, and just when I thought it was all over, well it ain't, cos reruns of the interviews are still showing on television, plus thanks to the pervasive nature of social media, my face is still famous :D Oh my! I really am a superstar (I never leave home without any makeup on now).

It really is interesting how somewhere in September I did a post on Ms Naa and then last week I was sitting in the studio being interviewed by her (she is real cool in person too) on Ryse and Shyne on YFM.

Heading to SA
Transitting through Namibia
At O. R. Tambo Airport, Johannesburg
Lunch on my day of arrival with one of the SA Reps.
At Soccer City
VIP was just awesome!
Yep, VIP was absolutely awesome
I had a bit of everything
And the cocktails just kept flowing :D
I had to do some sightseeing before leaving!
At Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton City
Monte Casino is just off the chain!
As for this hotel, how I wouldn't mind living here permanently
How did all this happen? I took part in a text and win competition organised by #Y1079FM and ETV Ghana. No, I'm not double standard. Yes, I have been going off on these text and win competitions but I did take part in this one. Why? This one from the get go seemed reasonable and challenging, cos I got to answer questions (on music) and based on whether I got the answers right or wrong, I scored some points. Answering the questions wasn't a walk in the park either. Trust me, had it been a highest-texter-of-a-word-wins kind of competition, I would totally have not bothered. Had answering the questions been as easy as taking candy from a baby, I wouldn't have bothered either. Yes, I did have some issues with the competition but I stuck it out, saw it to the end and I won :D

All I got to say is, if I had to do this all again, I wouldn't change anything.
Just can't wait to be rich and famous though. The flashing lights, the cameras, the interviews, the paparazzi, the VIP treatment, I could so get used to it all.
Would have been just awesome if this star had got a picture with Riri, but this star couldn't manage it (believe me, I tried).

In all of this, I give thanks to God for making any of it possible.
Thank you #Y1079FM, ETV Ghana, Global Media Alliance and Starfish Mobile.

I was a celebrity (and in some ways still am, just Google my name).

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Muchas Gracias @Y1079FM

I have decided to lay off my book writing and PhD thesis writing skills until I get back from South Africa.

Yep! This girl is headed to the Rihanna concert at the Soccer City in South Africa courtesy @Y1079FM. When I get back, I'll have a much lengthier piece, hopefully with a picture of me and Ri Ri (fingers crossed) to put up.

Thank you @Y1079FM. Thank you @soulmanonyfm. Thank you #DryveOfUrLyfe.

See ya!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday The 13th

It used to really annoy me when Ghanaians living in Ghana (probably having lived in Gh all their lives) would get all hot and bothered because it was Friday the 13th. Seriously, I remember when I was in primary school and junior secondary, some kids would be too scared to go to school. For me, it was kind of like an American getting all excited because it's 6th March. And then someone broke up with me on a Friday the 13th.
Oh boy! Yep, he went through the whole "break up" speech and added the "it's not you, it's me" speech. And when I finally managed to get a word in, all I said was "why didn't you do this yesterday or the day before or wait till tomorrow? You just had to pick today." Of course he didn't get it and then I add, "I hope you realise today's Friday the 13th". He gets all apologetic about choosing that day, we share a good laugh, and though we get back together three days later, the day has held a new meaning for me since, and I'm not so quick to berate any Ghanaian for getting worked up because it's Friday the 13th.

All that was a couple of years ago, when life seemed so much simpler. It really is surprising though that back then, when I was much younger and supposed to be pretty immature, I didn't throw a tantrum because of the breakup. Well, right now, if a certain someone tried that, I'd be too busy mashing up his face (I hope you and the police don't read this) to remind him he shouldn't have picked a Friday the 13th to break up with me (and I so wouldn't be sharing anything with him, a good or not so good laugh).

So, on this day, I remember you. Not just because it's Friday the 13th, but because today would have been your 30th birthday, and Sunday, September 8 was eight years since you left this world.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ms Naa

Oh No! don't jump the gun. Of course I'm not about to go off on her (like I usually do when someone or something ends up as title of my blog post). I love the woman (trust me, I couldn't be more straight even if you stretched me) as a radio presenter.

Naa Adzorkor Addo aka Ms Naa of YFM aka Hillary (whatever happened to her?) is the bomb (by my estimation at least).
I got enough problems in my life and enough of them to look forward to at work, so I really can't imagine what would happen to me if I should add Ghana's problems (more than likely political) to all that on my drive to work. Now, that's exactly what would happen if I should listen to some other radio station's morning programme, where there'd be a newspaper review and a discussion of the newspaper headlines. I do see some of these headlines during my morning drive, (I tinted my windows but seems I forgot I'd still be able to see outside) and the last thing I want to hear is a discussion on them. I however don't mind listening to how some dude shot himself in the groin because he forgot to put the safety catch on before putting the gun in his pocket (bizarre news).
I really am positive Ms Naa would interrupt or halt the broadcast of "Ryse and Shyne" to let listeners know a UFO landed at the airport (why do I think a UFO would land at the airport and not on someone's farm or worse yet on top of my house?) should that happen. So yes, I doubt I'd miss it if something disastrous happened in Gh just because I choose to listen to "Ryse and Shyne" (ummmm... I'm kinda sticking my neck out here, hope I'm not wrong o wonderful producers of "Ryse and Shyne").
Someone might ask, why not listen to a CD or put in an mp3 player and avoid all the political talk? I'll get to that in a bit (why I love Ms Naa's noise), but let me attempt a possible answer by saying that, in that case, who'd tell me about the UFO? Besides, with DJ Vision on the 1s and 2s, I get me some noise and real good music too (totally craving some "Loud and Live" right about now).

I remember I gave a friend a ride to work one morning and she totally didn't get why I was listening to Ms Naa. According to her, Ms Naa really makes way too much noise. Yes, I agree. Thing is, even though I've gone through the motions in the morning of getting out of bed, taking a shower, getting dressed and actually controlling a motor vehicle, at that time, I really am still somewhere between la-la land and reality (how I'm able to actually start a car in that state is beyond me). So yes, I need that noise. And yes, Ms Naa makes a whole lot of it (I thought I had an irritating laugh till I heard hers).
Now, Ms Naa, YOU CAN'T SING! Yes, you're a judge on Vodafone Icons, but trust me, being a judge on a singing show don't mean you got to know how to sing (I'm pretty sure Simon Cowell couldn't hold a note even with a gun pointed to his head). I love your noise, but not that noise. But then again, if I had my own radio show, I'd probably do all the things I want to do but can't do because I suck at them, like sing (but seriously, stick to the radio presenting, minus the singing).

There's this interesting thing though. Ms Naa has a sound for when Wolverine's thingys come out of his knuckles (she has a sound for a whole lot of things, sounds only she could come up with). She says that's the sound they make (do they even make a sound?). Well, I found myself making that very same sound when "The Wolverine" started showing in theatres. I know I got a couple of "shush" stares, but did I care? Nope (it helped that the place was dark too). I was having way too much fun, which is what I believe Ms Naa has everyday at work (except for the getting to work by 6am  part though). Ms Naa sounds so real, so natural, so like she's not faking it, so much so that I would love to have her job (except that during my reign, "Ryse and Shyne" would be "Bored at Work" or "Hating on Your Boss" and would be broadcast at noon, maybe 12:30pm). But really, I've never liked it when Ms Naa had to be away and someone else stood in for her. Ms. Naa, I hope you realise that means you having baby number two in the studio (absolutely no leave for you ever, under no circumstance, unless you got some crazed person standing in. not that I think you a crazed person. no way would I think or say or write that. promise).

All that said though, I am having this feeling that Ms Naa's daughter, when she's older, will not be liking the nickname her Mama has given her on the show. Black Ivy. Yep. Because of Beyonce and Jay Z's daughter's name. I'm wondering what baby number two's nickname will be. South East? (for anyone who didn't get that, after Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby).

Don't get it twisted! I wasn't paid to write this, neither was I paid to do the piece on GetFamiliar. I like to write good stuff about things I like and not so good stuff about things I don't like. What can I say, my blog's pink salt *wink* at all "Ryse and Shyne" listeners.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Twisted Things Replaced!!! (Or So I Thought)

I won't even bother with the real name of the show, so I'll stick to "Twisted Things" (after all it is my blog).

Viasat 1, seriously?
Whoever's in charge over there needs to wake up! Last week, I kept seeing ads on the station advertising "Da Kink in My Hair" (the replacement for "Twisted Things" - or so I thought) to be shown at 5:30pm on Fridays and an ad for "Twisted Things" to be shown on Saturdays at 4:30pm.

Naturally, I decided to check it out, but Friday I got caught up watching the Ghana Black Stars beat the Zambian team (honestly can't remember the name of the team), so I wasn't able to check Viasat1 at 5:30pm. Saturday, 4pm, I was glued to Viasat 1, and Glo X Factor aired. Then at 4:30pm when "Twisted Things" was to show, "Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami" showed instead. Of course I was glad that "Twisted Things" didn't show but seriously, I could think of more profitable things I could do with my time than watch anything to do with the Kardashian's (I really am not a fun of just anything just because it's coming out of the US of A). Against my better judgement, I sat through watching the dramas in the lives of Kourtney and Khloe (like I don't have enough drama in my life).

All I can say is thank God I endured 30 minutes with the Kardashian ladies because at 5pm, Viasat 1 showed "Twisted Things". Of course I'd just wasted 30 minutes watching some show about the lives of some sisters (at least it had a story line), and I wasn't about to waste another 30 minutes watching some show which didn't appear to have a story line. Just before I turned the television off, some voice comes on and announces that 5 different characters were to be played by different artistes. It appeared this was the first showing of "Twisted Things" since their break (I guess the end of one season). Now if 5 different people leave the same show (or are fired) at the same time, what does it say about the show? Come to think of it, had it been "Grey's Anatomy" or some other meaningful show, they would have found a way to exit those characters out of the drama and probably introduced new ones. Then again, I doubt 5 people would leave a serious drama series at the same time. Maybe the break was so they could find new people to play those characters.

Anyways, I wasn't interested in sitting back to see if the new actors and actresses made any difference (a good one hopefully) to the show or watch just to critique. I decided my time would be better spent with Jack Bauer. So "24" it was for me.

Viasat 1, you seriously need some restructuring. This isn't the first time you've continuously advertised a show for a certain time, which turned out to be wrong. While you're at it, please consider taking off "Twisted Tips" and "Hostel" (another very useless show I don't even want to get into). Unless really, that is the kind of station you want to be. In that case, you've lost me and quite a number of serious minded people who want to be entertained with something that actually makes sense.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Men Run Women Cry

Roverman Productions in Partnership with Joy FM and National Theatre Presents: "Men Run Women Cry"

A play written and directed by Uncle Ebo Whyte.

Venue: National Theatre
Date: 7th and 8th September, 2013
Time: 1st show 4pm, 2nd show 8pm
Rate: GH¢50.00

Why do some women lose themselves once they get married, and move from attractive and desirable, to somewhat of a plain Jane?

Why do some women take undue advantage of men who will move heaven and earth to make them happy, knowing very well how difficult it is to land a good man these days?

Why do some men take women for granted just because they picked them up from nothing? In situations like this, what should the women do?

How many of our actions really are our own? What shows some of our actions are not controlled by outside forces?

For interesting and thought provoking perspectives to these and other issues, don't miss "Men Run Women Cry". The play started showing last weekend and will be on this weekend as well.

Tickets are available at Shell Shops at Airport, Achimota, Sakaman and Tema Community 11, Baatsona Total, Frankies Osu and Accra Mall, Joy FM and Jane Ann Supermarket.
Interested patrons with tickets from the last play can have them recharged by visiting
Discounts apply to all tickets recharged online.

What can I say about this play? Well...
Can't touch this!

Cheers though to all the women who make men run, and the men who make women cry!

Thursday, August 01, 2013

If You Drink...

We all know that phrase; "if you drink don't drive and when you drive don't drive" (I'll get to why this phrase in a bit).

At the start of this week, I noticed that there was this long yellow cloth-like material covering the front of Papaye Restaurant on the Oxford Street. Initially, I noticed that the chairs in the waiting area (where people wait for their take out orders) had been moved around. Later, I noticed that the chairs were back to their regular positions and everything seemed to be in order except for the yellow cloth-like material, which remained. At first I thought there was some cleaning going on in the restaurant, but when the cloth-like material remained beyond a day, I figured there must be some construction work going on.

Yesterday after work, I went into Papaye Restaurant to get some take out, and what I saw made me kinda want to run out (especially after the incident at Melcom). The cloth-like material is actually covering an empty space, which used to be occupied by glass windows, and most of the remaining glass in the front (including the glass doors) are cracked. I honestly felt there was a structural problem with the building and it could fall on all of us inside at any time. No one inside seemed as intrigued by the cracked glass as I was. I was in the restaurant with a friend and we sat there trying to figure out what happened. We went from mini earth quake, which had only affected Papaye, to structural issues with the building. Business was going on as usual and no one seemed one bit scared. That got me really curious (probably one of the reasons I didn't run out).

When my order was ready, my friend and I walked out still assessing the extent of the damage, and I kept wondering why the building hadn't been shut down by the appropriate authorities, and why Papaye was still operating when their building was obviously faulty. As we were leaving, my friend suggested we talk to one of the security guards outside to find out what exactly happened. You won't believe it!

Turns out a drunken driver drove into the restaurant one night causing all that damage (he actually drove right inside. what was he on?). Fortunately, it was after the working hours of the restaurant, so there were no customers inside when the accident happened.

The yellow fabric covers a space that was once occupied by glass
Just after the parking lot, there is this raised platform in front of the restaurant that had been damaged too (I hadn't looked when I was walking in). I shudder to think the havoc he would have caused had it been during business hours, and had there been customers sitting in there because right after the glass there are seats.

Aside seeing first hand what alcohol can cause, I also learnt not to speculate, and just ask questions when in doubt. In my opinion though, I think Papaye should definitely sue the guy for damages (that's if he's not already paying to repair the building) and shut down for at least a week to fix whatever damage was caused (looking at the building from inside is scary).

I took the picture above this morning (I always pass in front of the restaurant on my way to work). I decided this morning to get the picture and I had no idea it would be as difficult as it turned out. I really want a picture of the inside too but I have a feeling that would be pushing it. Some part of the cracked glass inside has sellotape on it. I want a picture of that (seriously Papaye, what were you thinking? tape is going to hold the crack if it's going to fall apart?).

I got in front of the restaurant this morning and there was a security guy there. I didn't want it to look too obvious that I was taking a picture so I drove while trying to snap away. Unfortunately, there is no traffic on the Oxford Street in the mornings. My first attempt produced a picture of somewhere I'm not too sure of (probably the shops next to Papaye). So, I went down the road beside the restaurant, took a right and came out at the junction next to Arlecchino Italian Ice Cream, and then back onto the Oxford Street.

My second attempt produced a picture of the billboard of Papaye, so I went down the road beside the restaurant and took a left this time around. I ended up coming out at the junction opposite the Ecobank (that means I drove illegally on a one way street. fortunately, there were no police officers in sight). I got onto the Oxford Street again and approached Papaye from the opposite side of the road, and thankfully, there was a bus in front of me that was in no hurry. I drove slowly, got my picture, made a U-turn at the ADB Bank parking lot, passed in front of Papaye again, and then headed on to work.

Mind you, at my first attempt, it was 10 minutes to 8am. When I was done, it was exactly 8am. I could just see the look on my boss's face when I said "I'm late to work because I needed a picture for this blog post and I had to drive around in circles to get it" (would have been priceless if you ask me). Thank heavens it didn't come to that. I got to work 10 minutes after 8am.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Mixed Bag

I wouldn't exactly say I've made Kwaku Doe famous by blogging about him, but I do get phone calls every once in a while saying: "I just saw Kwaku Doe. The guy you've been talking about".

Sometime ago (I think like two weeks ago), I got a phone call about Kwaku Doe. Now, I'm kinda used to that and I was kinda expecting to hear the usual ("I just saw Kwaku Doe"). Well, I did hear that, and in addition, I heard "what is wrong with that guy?" A friend of mine saw Kwaku Doe and recognised him from the description I've been giving about him and the description of his location. What did my friend do? Well, he figured if Dentaa has been going on about this guy and giving him money, then I could give him money too (mind you, this guy does not give money to beggars). My friend gives Kwaku Doe Gp40 and what does Kwaku do? Say thank you and walk away? Oh no! Kwaku gave the money right back and said it wasn't enough to buy kenkey and fish. Seriously?

I've watched "Da Kink in My Hair" like twice on Viasat 1 and I think it's ok. But if you ask me the title should be changed to "Da Kink in My Jamaican Hair living in Canada" (maybe producers thought about that but decided it was too long so they shortened it).

Earlier this week, I was watching Viasat 1 and then there was an ad for "Twisted Tips". The look on my face was (I couldn't see my face but I'm sure it was) priceless. Seriously? was all I said. In my head, they moved "Twisted Tips" from Saturday 4pm (or is it 4:30pm? could never figure out the time for that show. still can't figure it out now that they're showing us hair made in Jamaica and living in Canada) to another time. "Urgh!" The ad ended and the time for the programme was shown as 4pm on Saturday. Right after that ad, there's another ad for "Da Kink in My Hair" also showing on Saturday, 4pm. I figured it was a mistake on the part of Viasat 1 (seriously, how can you make such a mistake and make the blood pressure of some of us rise like that?), until I saw the same ad for "Twisted Tips" yesterday. This time there was no follow up ad of "Da Kink in My Hair". What's going on Viasat 1? Someone confused over there or something? Y'all making my blood pressure really rise. I'd watch Jamaican hair any day over twisted things. Unless y'all trying to tell us you have the technology  to show two different programmes at the same time on your network.

I really still am trying to wrap my head around "xoxo". There are times I watch it and I think that's pretty ok. Other times I watch and I just baulk hmmmmmm... TV series made in Gh are that bad.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Twisted Things REPLACED!!!

Have no idea why I always refer to the programme as "Twisted Things" when I know very well it is "Twisted Tips". I guess "Twisted Things" does have a nicer ring to it, and having watched the programme, I think it really is about things that are twisted. Matter of fact, the whole show is twisted.

That said, I take great pleasure in announcing that "Twisted Tips" has been replaced on Viasat 1. In my last update, I said "Twisted Tips" didn't show when it was supposed to two weeks ago. Well, it didn't show again last week, and like the week before, "Freaky Eaters" was shown in its place (I guess that was the unofficial taking off of "Twisted Tips").

So this week, I'm watching Viasat 1 (I think I was watching "A Shelter for Love") and then there was an ad break, and then there was an ad for a new programme on Viasat 1, which is to air on the same day, at the same time "Twisted Tips" was showing. I guess then it's safe to say that "Twisted Tips" is gone (maybe they couldn't get sponsors after all. every one of that show I watched saw producers advertising begging for sponsorship at the end).

The replacement is *drumroll...* "Da Kink in My Hair", a Canadian sitcom. Don't get me wrong. I love Canada, but couldn't the replacement have been another TV series from Gh? Or is there really a dearth of TV series worth watching in Gh? Seriously, just about every television station in Gh shows at least one telenovela, and though so many viewers are hooked on them (I know I'm so hooked on "A Shelter for Love". I call it "Luciana"), it really would be great to get viewers hooked on some Gh telenovela or sitcom or soap opera or series. Wouldn't it be a nice feeling if people all over the world went through a lot of hassle to download the latest episode of some Gh series online, just like I (plus plenty other Ghanaians) do to get the latest episode of my favourite series? I doubt if 1. "Afia Schwarzenegger" for example, is available online, and 2. if anyone (Ghanaian or otherwise) is interested in downloading it (complete waste if you ask me).

I love watching a lot of foreign content, hence my joy when Viasat 1 came to Gh, and my disdain when they took up airing a whole lot of not worth watching local content. But right now, I've been thinking a lot, and I really would love for my favourite TV programme to be out of Gh (I am after all Ghanaian).

I watched "xoxo" last Saturday, and it seemed what I feared was kinda coming true. I did say I hoped the one episode I watched and liked was not a one off thing. Watching last week, I honestly did not enjoy the show at all. I know producers of the show are trying to be different by giving viewers the chance to vote for their favourite outcome out of two, at the end of each show, but seriously, does everything in Gh have to involve text voting? And I do wonder if producers go along with the highest voted outcome or if it is just some ploy to get the moneys (premium charges for such text messages) of viewers and promise them one prize or another or just for the fun of it, but still go along with whatever story line they had intended.

Well, we'll see how "Da Kink in My Hair" goes (never watched an episode before). I'm having a feeling I might like it, since it's not out of Gh. I really don't know, but it's not an African thing, cos I do watch some Nigerian TV series and I enjoy them (not all of them but a whole lot of the ones I've watched), and I do love some SA ones I've watched too. Really wondering what's happening with the Gh entertainment.

Just hoping "Twisted Things" doesn't end up showing up again at a later time or worse yet, maybe it has not been replaced but has just been moved to another day or time. Still hoping my writing about it had something to do with its removal (still seriously doubting it).

Friday, July 05, 2013

Updates... Missing Kwaku Doe...

The "Deadly Billboard" I've been going on about has been removed. I'd like to think my writing about it had something to do with its removal (I seriously doubt it).

The "Active Advertising" billboard was taken down not long after my post. Again I'd like to think my writing about it had something to do with its removal (seriously doubting). The ad has been replaced with another, advertising a prayer summit, and guess what? The advertisers don't want us to actively guess when the summit is taking place (somebody wised up or different advertisers).

At least this one tells us the programme is in June (no more guessing)
I stopped watching "Twisted Tips". I guess I got tired of criticising plenty. And then the Saturday before last Saturday, I happened to be watching the station that shows "Twisted Tips", at the time "Twisted Tips" is supposed to be shown, and guess what? It didn't show. They rather showed a programme about people with weird eating habits. There was something about a guy that ate raw meat (imagine that). Interesting thing is, I figure I'd enjoy eating raw meat myself more than watching "Twisted Tips". After the weird eating thingy, there was another Ghanaian series that didn't exactly blow me away, but was so much more refreshing than what I'm used to from Gh. That was my first time ever watching "xoxo". I must admit, it wasn't bad at all (for once I'm not critiquing some programme out of Gh. if it's good, I'll say it). What really got me is, that was my first time watching, and though it's a series, I was able to follow (just hoping it wasn't a one-off thing and I just caught them on a good episode).

I came across another garbage truck a couple of weeks ago, and in my estimation, what I saw seemed a whole lot more dangerous than the first one I wrote about (this one was so much smaller). Still makes me wonder how safe it is.

At least the truck was moving real slow.

Took this not too long ago, and guess what? He's still in the same business.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Domestic Violence Secretariat

I'm two weeks behind (at least one post a week). I'll get to the reason in another post. What I got today had me in stitches this morning and I just got to share.

The Domestic Violence Secretariat is in the Osu Cemetery (I am so serious). You know how I've been going on and on about deadly billboards, well, this billboard (if you can call it that) is the embodiment of deadly.

The white wall is the wall of the cemetery, the trees are in the cemetery and the Domestic Violence Secretariat signpost has a red arrow underneath pointing into the cemetery.
This has got to be a joke. If it is, I'm not 100% sure it's funny (doubt if victims of domestic violence will find it funny).

I use this route every morning but I'd never paid attention to the signpost advertising the Domestic Violence Secretariat up until this morning.

I'm just curious. Does it mean something? Are victims as good as dead so the secretariat might as well be in the cemetery? Or is the secretariat really situated in the cemetery with live people as workers?

I wonder if the secretariat gets live visitors.

As for the call to advertise here, I figured there'd be ads next to a cemetery on funeral insurance, coffins and related stuff. And then I saw an ad advertising Stephanie Benson's album. Ummmmmmm... are the songs dirges or for people about to die or for dead people or something?

Don't mind me. I'm just wondering why I would want to mount an ad right next to a cemetery (aren't there other available spots?). Or maybe more people look that way (making it an ideal spot to advertise) and I am just being someway. If more people do look that way, is there a reason? Or is it just an open available spot to advertise? Maybe the rates to advertise right next to a cemetery are cheap.

Again, my mind in overdrive. But seriously, a secretariat in the cemetery, very curious.

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