Thursday, August 25, 2011

Car Decor

I see a lot of cars around with interesting decorations e.g. flowers and stuffed animals (that's for the private cars). As for the taxis, their decor tend to border more on over eccentric if you ask me, from the paint work on the outside to the assortment of decor options inside.

One thing that always gets to me is, how do drivers of these extremely interior decorated cars see through their rearview mirrors (I mean the mirrors are there for a purpose right?) as most of these decorations sit in the back of the car against the rear windshield.

Funny thing is most of these flower, stuffed animal decorated cars tend to be owned and driven by women. Imagine my surprise when I spotted this car being driven by a man.
 It is of course possible that he was driving his wife's/gf's car or he's the driver driving the madam's car or something. I refuse to believe a guy had that flower arrangement in his car (way too girly).

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Controversial Issues: "Thank God We're Not A Nigerians" (A Reply)

So as not to seem one sided, I had to come up with this when I heard about a reply to the FOKN BOIS's song. (Link to "Thank God We're Not A Nigerians" in my previous post, in case you still not heard it).

I'm still so not wanting to start World War III or Africa War I, but seriously, this reply, hmmmm... (the psych ward patient in me thinking).

I look at the first song and I think technically, there's no people in the world referred to as "A Nigerians" but there definitely is a people in the world referred to as "Ghanaians". Seriously, looking at Kubolor asking "A Nigerians" if they can't wear D&G is obviously ridiculous as he walks around barefooted dressed in some sort of an African Kilt.

Me, I think  the song is silly, ridiculous and definitely not serious but it does have an easy to go along with beat and the hook is so easy to sing along to (psych ward patient please, ssshhh). But as for the response (I don't even know who made it, supposed to be anonymous), it's so not easy to sing along to, I could hardly hear the words and I didn't enjoy it kwraaa (not that I enjoyed the one from FOKN BOIS).

But seriously, what have these FOKN BOIS started eh? (non-psych ward patient in me talking). I do hope this is the end of it ooo and there will be no further responses ooo.
Check out the response to the FOKN BOIS Thank God We're Not Ghanaians

Friday, August 19, 2011

Controversial Issues: Not Exactly My Thing

This is a bit (well, more like way) out of my league but people are talking about it plenty so I will too. Music is not really my thing but this song "Thank God We Are Not A Nigerians" by "FOKN BOIS" sure is causing a stir. For good and bad reasons depending on the side of West Africa you from. Some think it's hilarious and just a joke especially since one of the singers (lol. hope that's a word) is married to a Nigerian and others find it offensive and insulting. Now, there are two parties to this second category. Those that love it cos it's insulting and those that hate it cos it's insulting. Again, it all depends on the side of West Africa you from. Me, I have a crazy sense of humour. Some people believe I should be locked up in a psych ward so I'll refrain from giving my opinion. I've heard what some Nigerians have had to say about the song but I'm really wanting to hear what Liberians have to say about it. Cos at the end of the song, we find out that Nigerians should thank God  they are not a Liberians. Btw, the part about Charles Taylor's sis, Ms. Seamstress totally cracked me up (this is just the psych ward patient in me talking). But really what were they thinking making this song? Eh? Are they trying to start World War III or something? (the non psych ward patient in me talking). I should probably put up a link to the song. Ok, check it out if you not heard it at Thank God we are not a Nigerians (let's hope I'm not the one fueling World War III with this post).

Boxing is also totally and completely way out of my league. I'm still yet to come to terms with why two people who have probably never met and don't have anything against each other will decide to beat each other up. Well, there's this issue about some fight that happened recently between Ghanaian Joseph Agbeko and another guy from Mexico (I think). I really am clueless about these things (don't even know the name of the other guy) and it was just yesterday that I took time to find out what the issue is about and I actually think that referee should be fired. Well, I hope my being Ghanaian has not clouded my judgment but I have heard the whole story (I think) and seen some clips of the fight. Me, I'd say there shouldn't be a rematch but the first fight and the decision that was made at that fight should be totally thrown out! (that is of course in my honest clueless opinion).

Great! I have drifted and attempted trying other issues but I believe that's enough drifting to last me a while if not a lifetime. I should just stick to my dear ol' Kwaku Doe (at least I'm not clueless about crazy). Don't I just know how to worm Kwaku Doe into every post of mine!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Accra: Out & About

It's amazing the things you get to see when you really look, moving around in Accra.
I came across this building a couple of weeks ago.

That order was put up nearly 6 years ago and though the windows are boarded up, the building actually looked occupied.

Now, reading the order, I get the feeling that the building was supposed to be demolished. Well, I took that picture on July 30, 2011 and the building is still very much standing.

Let's move on to the next. Some of the posters and signs I come across in Accra are just so ridiculous. Seriously, I just wish people will get others to proof read their stuff before they put them up. Better yet, there should be some government organisation taking down posters with bad English (I could be head of that organisation. Just a thought).

2 acres of land, buy or least? I'm guessing the writer wanted to say buy or lease. Well, some of them are hilarious though. Makes driving around more fun.

And then what's up with all these advertisements of instant loans? I wonder how they work. Maybe one day I should call up one of the phone numbers and find out (there definitely should be another organisation investigating the authenticity of these instant loan claims. I could head that one too).

Last but not the least (I've always wanted to use that phrase. Finally, I get to. Yay!) I came across some advertisement strategy by one of the mobile telephony companies, Tigo, sometime last week. They had Mobile Billboards somewhere around the Graphic Road. Interesting and ingenious if you ask me. I doubt if it cost them as much as erecting an actual billboard.

They had a bunch of guys literally wearing billboards and walking around. Some of them were also sitting at pretty vantage points. No motorist could definitely miss them. Great marketing strategy, Tigo! I love it.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kwaku Doe - Stiff Competition

I've been quietly observing Kwaku Doe and his spot for a while now and frankly, I'm not surprised he's facing all this competition now. If he's right about earning GH¢20 a day then really, he should have known he wouldn't enjoy the monopoly he has had at his spot for long.

I reported in a previous post that there was this other gentleman (physically disabled) in a wheel chair who's picked out Kwaku's spot to also beg. Well, guess what? There's another gentleman who's joined them, also physically disabled but moves on the ground.

Aside doing his morning rounds, I've noticed Kwaku does evening rounds as well because I see him in the morning on my way to work and in the evening on my way home. As a matter of fact, I strongly believe he does his rounds the whole day (I'm not there the whole day but I wouldn't be surprised if he did). Well, his competition are always with him (in the morning and in the evening).

The advantage Kwaku Doe has over his competition is he gets to his spot real early so on days that I get there very early, his competitors aren't there. They usually get there late morning. Another advantage Kwaku has over his competitors (something I witnessed yesterday) is his speed. Yesterday evening, on my way home, I'm just passing Kwaku's spot and I see him and all his competitors (at that time of day there aren't that many cars moving in their direction). One car pulls up and all three make a move for that car. Kwaku in the lead followed by gentleman 1 in wheelchair and then gentleman 2 on the ground. Obviously, Kwaku gets to the car first, gives his speech, no response. Gentleman 1 also delivers his speech, no response. Finally gentleman 2 gets to the car, delivers his speech and he gets rewarded.

Another advantage Kwaku has over the other two is his height and his ability to get as close to cars as possible. However, the advantage, the other two have over Kwaku is their ability to elicit pity from potential clients (that, I believe is the most important looking at the business they are into). Gentleman 2 especially, moving on the ground without a wheelchair. It's so sad to see him moving around like that.

If these two maintain this spot, I'd say Kwaku is out of business. Maybe he could collaborate with them (if it were me, I'd pick gentleman 2). So he, Kwaku does the moving around, weaving in and out of traffic, get the money and split with the other. Well, picking gentleman 1 would be much easier so he could wheel him around (he can't exactly carry gentleman 2 around) but trust me, seeing gentleman 2 will just touch the heart of any tight fisted man/woman/child.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Gh Forensics!

Was just reading about the riots in the UK on Facebook. One of my friend's had put up a post: "Be mindful of what you innocently touch in and around town. Police forensic team gathering evidence in areas hit with break-ins etc."

Then I was reminded of an incident that happened a couple of years ago. A house I was living in got broken into and some things were stolen. The incident was reported to the police and they showed up dusting for finger prints and all. There are two problems here.
1. Does the Gh police have a database to compare the finger prints retrieved to?
2. They didn't take the finger prints of those of us who live in the house at least to eliminate us since we'd been touching the same areas they dusted for prints.
Well, we never heard from them about the finger print dusting and as far as I'm concerned, the thieves got away (well, the security guy was a suspect since everyone believed he was in on the whole thing).

Maybe I've been watching too much CSI and 24 but really if we had a workable database (computerised would do) I'm sure so many of the unsolved crimes in Gh wouldn't remain so.

A while back, I needed a police clearance form to apply for a visa and guess what? It took me barely a day to get it. I could've sworn that my finger prints weren't checked against any database of criminals to be sure I don't have a criminal record. I wonder if the embassies and high commissions in Gh know this. I wonder if they know they might be issuing visas to potential criminals who have clearance from the Gh police to travel.

Kwaku Doe - Who To Pick!

I'm really late for work today. I'm so late it's almost midday and I'm not yet in the office (I really hope my boss doesn't blog). I'm not too worried because I knew my boss was away and wouldn't show up for work (making me boss so I guess I could show up whenever, no questions asked).

I get to Kwaku Doe's spot and there's two of them. Kwaku and another gentleman. The other gentleman's physically disabled in a wheelchair. Both of them begging. Now, I really was in a giving mood today but really, who was I supposed to give to? I just had one Gp50 coin. The physically disabled guy would have been the obvious choice but then again I've got my own interest in Kwaku Doe plus I didn't want to upset him further as he seemed upset with me for some reason.

I kept my coin and drove away when the light changed.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Kwaku Doe - What'd I Do? Just Trying To Get My Story...

Lately, I've been using this traffic free route to work. I get to see Kwaku Doe all the same but I can't talk to him because I'd be on the other side of the intersection.

Yesterday, I left home a bit early so I used my former route. I get to Kwaku Doe's spot and thankfully the light turned red just as it was my turn to go. Kwaku gets to my car (I guess to do his usual begging), looks in, sees me and walks away without saying or doing anything. Through my rearview mirror, I see him move on to the next car and beg (I could see him making the begging motions with his hands plus he stood there for a while).

What did I do to him? Two things come to mind. He's either mad at me for abandoning him these last couple of weeks or he's tired of my plenty questions.

Kwaku Doe - The Comeback

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