Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Anoda Doe? (Kwaku? or Kofi?)

Pretty confusing huh? Seems I've come across another John (Kwaku or Kofi) Doe.
No, I don't interact with him.
Why? Never had the chance to or maybe it's better I dint.

I've always questioned original Kwaku Doe's sanity but with this new guy, there's no question about that. It is quite clear that there's something wrong.

First time I saw him, he was taking a bath in a gutter (yeah). His front was covered though by this slab at the edge of the gutter. All anyone really could see was his bum. He was using this tin can to fetch water out of the gutter, which he was standing in, and pouring on himself. He was butt naked.

I do know mentally challenged individuals do weird stuff but what I don't get is how come he knows he's got to keep clean (eventhough it was with gutter water) and how come he also knows he has to keep his nakedness away from the public (eventhough he was butt naked, by the roadside. at least he knew to cover his front part).

A few days after the first time I saw him taking his bath in the gutter, I saw him walking along the roadside fully clothed. It did make me wonder how he got out after his bath (if he got out before dressing or if he dressed before getting out). What really baffled me was no one seemed bothered or thought what he was doing was out of the ordinary. Matter of fact, I was the only one staring (maybe everyone is just used to him and his baths).

I saw him again this morning, taking a bath in the gutter (and yes, I was the only one staring) and no matter how many times I chance upon this scene, I doubt if I'll get used to it.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Adventures in a Foreign Land - S'mores

A colleague of mine at work moved in to a new place and she and her housemate decided to have a house warming party. Naturally, she invited most of the young people in the office (prolly she invited everyone but the older people just dint show up).

I loved the house! It wasn't too difficult to find and it's just so amazingly cute. I was one of the first (actually, I was the first) to arrive. That's mostly cos I wasn't sure just how difficult or otherwise it would be to find the place and I dint want to get there too late. Getting there early wasn't too bad though. I got to chat with the ladies and there was a lot of chips and dip and boy did I eat. Seriously, I thought there was gon be real food so I passed up on supper at home (how I regretted). It was very good I got there early cos I got to eat as much of the chips as I could without looking too weird cos there wasn't anyone around to look weird to.

As the other guests started to arrive, my work colleague announced that we were going to roast marshmallows outside and that she and her housemate had had a bonfire going on outside all evening. Turns out it had been real difficult to get the fire going. Why? Cos it was 2 days away from December and it had been snowing all day. Exactly why I had an incredulous look on my face when she announced we'd be going outside (she had no idea how grateful I was to be inside). We get outside and I asked the fire why it had just not stayed off (yes, i did). It was about 25°C below zero and here I was abandoning the warmth of the indoors to roast marshmallows. It was still snowing but the fire just wouldn't go out. The other thing too was, I'd never roasted marshmallows (just read about it) and I was hoping I wasn't gon look too silly. Well, I did over roast a couple but they understood (I hope).

Somewhere along the line, someone suggested we make s'mores. What's that? (that's what the look on my face said). My colleague looks at me and then breaks it down to me. "A s'more (smore) is a traditional nighttime campfire treat in the United States and Canada consisting of a roasted marshmallow and a layer of chocolate sandwiched between two pieces of graham cracker". Huh? (more like yuck!) Why would anyone want to make that combination? Well, since I was in a new place, I tried to open myself up to try new things (not everything though) and guess what? I loved it (not with the marshmallows I roasted. most of mine looked blackish. I'm sure they're supposed to look whitish). And guess what again? I loved the experience. The definition dint say whether the nighttime campfire should be in the middle of winter or summer and yes, I was terribly cold but I loved hanging out with my new friends (besides, the fire did give me some warmth). And guess what again again? We had a snowball fight when we were done with the s'mores :D This was definitely one of my most fun nights in a foreign land.

And guess what again again again? I ate more chips and dip, played twister and played some wii video games (of course all this happened indoors).

(as usual), the moral of this story: Never judge anything by its look or how it sounds or just never judge a book by its cover. I would have missed out on all that fun if I'd insisted on staying indoors (by myself) and though s'mores sounded kinda yucky, they actually tasted real good. And the other moral is: If you know you can't do something right, don be shy to ask for help. I so couldn't get the whole roasting marshmallows thing right but when I asked for help, other people did the roasting and I just put the crackers and chocolate together with the roasted marshmallows and we all enjoyed it.

yuck? nope. Yummy!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mobile Phone Companies/Car Dealerships/Lottery Companies/...

What would happen if our mobile phone companies concentrated on providing just that, mobile phone service? My guess is we would most likely have pretty good service in that area. But what would they rather do? They'd much rather be car dealerships and give out the best cars (of course, at a price though we don't realise) or lottery companies and get us all engaged in this game of chance. Maybe they should just shut their services down and run a casino (they'd probably excel over there. afterall, they do have the experience).

Kinda reminds me of this IT company (if you can call it that) which sells vinegar and honey in addition to all its IT stuff (and this company runs an IT training institute. makes me wonder if the students are trained vinegar and honey makers too).

I really wouldn't mind winning that jaguar though :D Thing is, I'm not ready to part with my hard earned cash (besides, it is a game of chance afterall. what really are the chances of me winning 1 out of 3 jaguars out of the 11million plus customers of this network).


Yeah, that's what I said when I saw a handwritten for sale sign on the back of a taxi.

Seriously? (yeah, is anyone gon take you serious?)

I'm just wondering, "what would it take to type that out?" (or have someone type it out).
Presentation (I know I wouldn't be buying that taxi).

Happy New Year! The best of 2013 to us all :)

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