Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Adventures in a Foreign Land - It Always Seems Impossible Until it is Done!

So said Nelson Mandela, and how true the statement has turned out to be for me in more ways than one.

I am on a fun packed trip, and as part of the fun, me plus 16 others visit a park, Lion Park. It is a park filled with lions and other interesting animals I am quite content watching on the discovery channel. Now, I get to see them up close and in person. Well, it wasn't that scary seeing the cheetahs and the lions and the wild dogs and the hyenas and all the other animals no human (almost) would want to be up close to because, I was in a very protected vehicle with guides who knew what to do, should a scary moment occur (I'm sure they'd still know what to do should that scary moment turn extremely scary). And then I hear there's a lion walk. Of course half the group I was with decided to sit that one out. The other half decided to give it a shot. Me, I decided I'd be smart about it.

So, I'm to take a walk with these fine creatures. There's a guide, but, really? They seem just fine being in the cage. Do they have to walk?
But, I wasn't getting what I wanted, so on second thought, I too decided to give it a shot. What's the worse that could happen, aside the lion making a meal out of me (I'm sure there are more pressing things to worry about like what the sardine companies do with the heads of the millions of sardines that are packed in cans).

My big plan was to quickly get a selfie in front of the lions while they were safely in their cage. But, I wasn't getting the shot I wanted
Apprehensive, but I gave it a shot, and boy did I love walking with and touching the king of the jungle. Imagine if I'd let my apprehension hold me back. I would so not have this story to tell.

Don't we just look adorable :D
Moral: Scared about trying something out? Well, when you actually do try it, you'll realise its difficulty only lay in your mind. The mind has a way of holding us back. Let go, free your mind, what's the worse that could happen?

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