Friday, October 14, 2016

My World!

Living in my own world,
Where the colour of my skin is just that; a colour,
Where my religion reflects what I believe in and hold dear,
Where my beliefs and ideologies really are mine; everyone is free to have theirs,
Where my view of the world may be different from that of the next person,
And none of these signify a death sentence for me.

Living in my own world,
Where I don't get made fun of because of my body size,
Where the size of my bank account does not mean anything,
Where progress in life is not dependent on how much skin I can show,
Where I don't need to have connections to move up the success ladder,
And none of these get me disqualified from enjoying the finer things in life.

Living in my own world,
Where no one has to go hungry,
Where everyone has clothes on their back,
Where children get to be what they are, children, not workers,
Where everyone has a roof over their head,
And no one has to feel life is unfair.

Living in my own world,
Where everyone is treated fairly,
Where we all live in an inclusive society,
Where we all have access to inclusive education,
Where we all live in well planned communities,
And none of this is a privilege, but a right.

Living in my own world,
Where grace finds me every day,
Where all the wicked schemes of the enemy are used for my good,
Where the focus is not on the devil, but on God,
Where we understand that God is always good, and He loves us, no matter what,
And the goodness of God overshadows the evilness of the enemy.

Living in my own world,
Where the grass is green,
Where the sky is blue,
Where the air is clean,
Where people are good,
And life is good for everyone.

Monday, October 03, 2016

We are One!

Oh my!
I haven't blogged in like forever (that'd make me forever, forever years old?)
So, I saw something today, that got me thinking, and then I thought and thought and thought, and decided to put this piece together.
It's not like I don't think on a regular basis, it's just what I saw got me thinking enough to want to put this together. And it's not like I don't see things on a regular basis either (trust me, driving in Ghana, you will see things paa).

For example there was this day I was in traffic, when I saw a trotro (bus) come to what appeared to be a stop (what appeared to be because it was still sort of moving but very slowly) and then a stone dropped, then the trotro came to a complete stop. After a few minutes, the stone was lifted up, and then the trotro went on its merry way.
Figuring out what had happened had me in stitches (I actually forgot I was sitting in annoying good ol' Accra traffic and running late for work).
This is what I figured out: The brakes of the trotro do not work, so the driver had a stone in the bus tied to a string. When he wants to stop, he gradually brings the bus to a stop using the gears, and then drops the stone next to the front tyre to bring the bus to a complete stop (ingenious huh?) I so wanted to get a picture of that, but the trotro moved before I could. But really, how is this bus still on the road? Does it have a roadworthy certificate? Is it roadworthy?
That's not what this post is about anyways, so moving on...

This morning, on my way to work, there was this car in front of me, and I couldn't believe what I saw inside.

NPP & NDC together, side by side
Yes, souvenirs of the two leading political parties (yeah, I stand to be corrected by anyone who does not want to accept that Ghana really is a two-party state) in Ghana.
And then the driver turned into the yard of the Ghana National Fire Service, that's when I saw the driver dressed in uniform. He's a fire officer. Then my mind went into overdrive. Working for the Fire Service means he is working for the government. To be on the safer side, he represents both political parties equally in his car. After all, we really do not know who will come out the victor in the upcoming elections, and he wants to keep his job. Yep, that must be it.

But seriously, it had me thinking. That's how it should be. It's not a do or die affair. We should all just chill. We are Ghanaians, aren't we? Side by side, working together, we can make Ghana a better place, transform Ghana and change lives for all of us regardless of what our political affiliation is.

Let's remember to put Ghana first before any political party.
We are one!

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