Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kwaku Doe - Rise to Fame :o)

Well, I did make him kinda popular by blogging about him (definitely rise to fame :D)

It's been a year since I started writing about Kwaku Doe. Yay! Happy Anniversary on this blog Kwabena Bonnah aka Kwaku Doe. I started out writing about him in the "Plight of a Hungry Man" series and then I moved on to the "Kwaku Doe" series. Do read up if you've missed any of them.

I saw him this morning and I can't believe it's been a year already. The guy has been begging consistently for a year (he's been at it for more but I just started writing about him a year ago). Begging must be quite lucrative for him then. I doubt if he's looking for a job.

What has changed about Kwaku Doe since I started writing about him? He's usually clean shaven these days with a neat hair cut. He's developed a love for wrist watches. He's got them in different colours (red, pink, blue and a silvery looking one). Plus he seems quite taken in with skinny jeans. I totally love his pink skinny jeans. I must say he does rock 'em real good :D

I don't get to interact much with him these days but trust me, more stories on the adventures of Kwaku Doe (sounds like a movie or title of a book or something) will be coming up.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Feel Free To Die If You're Not A Driver

I really don't get this and maybe someone can explain it to me. For some reason, Gh cops are so interested in drivers putting on their seatbelts when driving, so much so that they'd arrest drivers that don't have theirs on (I'd know. Yeah, I've been caught a couple of times for that offence). They don't bother when a passenger doesn't have it on. There've been instances where I've been stopped and asked to put on my seatbelt when I've had someone in my front seat who clearly didn't have one on. And trust me, a driver putting on a seatbelt does not in any way motivate passengers to put theirs on (at least not my passengers) and I know lots of cars don't have all their seatbelts intact especially commercial vehicles, but is that an excuse? How do these vehicles get passed as being road worthy?

So, I guess a driver with a seatbelt on can prevent an accident? Or passengers are not in any danger when a car crashes? Or passengers can just go ahead and die? Or passengers can just get out and walk away from a car that's not theirs while drivers would most likely grease the palm of a cop in order to keep their car?

I know there are countries where drivers are fined when they or any one of their passengers don't have a seatbelt on. What's happening in Gh? I wonder if Gh cops know they can also arrest or get more money from a driver whose passengers don't have their seatbelts on (imagine the prospects. unless that's not an offence in Gh). Seriously,  these cops got me so jealous of passengers. I don't particularly like wearing a seatbelt but I got to if I don't want to part with my hard earned cash (motivation if you ask me. now where's the motivation for passengers to put theirs on?).

Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Big Day!

Last two weeks I'd say was my happiest day thus far (waiting on my wedding day and the birth of my first child to outshine this one though :D). So, what happened two weeks ago? By the grace of God, I graduated from the University of Ghana with an MPhil in Communication Studies *whew!* (felt like I'd been waiting forever for that day to come). It wasn't an easy journey at all (total understatement). It was quite a tortuous journey but guess what? I wouldn't trade it in, not for all the tea in China (I always wanted to use an idiomatic expression :D).

Ok, so I believe a brief history leading up to last two weeks would be in order (like I said, brief). My undergraduate degree was in Home Science and in school, I did a couple of internships with diet therapy departments in hospitals and a nutrition unit of a research facility. My national service was even with the diet therapy department of a hospital in Ghana. Obviously, the next logical step would be to train as a dietitian. I should say that I hadn't seriously thought of doing grad school after my 1st degree, matter of fact, I was just too excited to be done with school. The thought of opening a book again just sent shivers up and down my spine. Seriously, reading a textbook wasn't exactly on my list of things to do any time soon *bowing my head in shame*

ummmmmm... so where was I? Yep, it made sense that I'd probably study dietetics in grad school (that's if I decided to go) but during my national service, I had one of those light bulb moments and I honestly couldn't see myself doing what I was doing and loving it for the rest of my life. I did some soul searching and that was when I realised, I love reading (seriously? *raised eyebrow*), writing (ummmm but totally lazy about it) and talking plenty (oh yeah, very true). I should probably add that I sometimes am people sometimes think I'm a smartass and that I thrive on sarcasm (I wonder where they'd get that idea from *incredulous look*). Ok, this brief history is getting kinda long and winding, so let's get to the end.

I thought of stuff I could do that'd involve me doing stuff I loved, and then I had another light bulb moment. Yep, I decided I should definitely do grad school and I should definitely study something communication related so, I got into the School of Communication Studies of UG (long process. I'd say my charming smile and even charming personality got me in) where I specialised in Public Relations and Advertising.

Now that the anything but brief history is over, let's get to the morale of the brief history (yeah, there's actually something to learn from all this).

  • No matter what, never settle.
  • Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, cos you just might find something more interesting and worthwhile.
  • Don't be afraid to take risks especially when you got people discouraging you (you have no idea the number of times I heard "what has Home Science got to do with Communication").
  • Do think outside the box (I always wondered what box people were referring to when they used this phrase. now I got you to wonder too :D)
  • Finally, even if it takes forever, the rainbow does come after the rain.
Now, that said, I'd like to say a huge huge thank you to the Almighty God for bringing me this far, and to everyone that had my back during this journey. My wonderful family for believing in me and seeing what others refused to see, and my lovely friends for understanding when I dint have time to hang out cos of that thesis that took forever to write. And to all those that dint believe in me and tried to discourage me, IN YOUR FACE! (I love you too though. your unbelief egged me on :D)

Yay! I made it *huge smile*

Blogger Anniversary!

Yay! I've been blogging for a year now *huge smile*. I actually started blogging on March 22, 2011 and I'm proud to say I've been at it since. There have been a few dry spells and unfulfilled promises of a post (that obviously never showed) but generally, I'd say I've made blogging a habit.

I'd like to say a huge thank you *big hug* to all my critics (followers). My blogging experience wouldn't have been the same without you and I have made lasting friendships too :D Much love to all of you *huge sloppy kiss* (on the cheek of course :| )

In my next year, I promise to limit the dry spells and eliminate the unfulfilled promises and oh, not forgetting Kwaku Doe (what should I even promise about him? get him off the street? get him a job?), let's just say I promise to be more forthcoming with the adventures of Kwaku Doe :D

Love you guys *sobbing hysterically*. Until my next post (which is minutes away. now that's a promise that'll be fulfilled), toodles...

Monday, March 19, 2012

What Does This Camera Do?

That title was totally inspired by Deedee. You remember Deedee from the cartoon Dexter's Lab? Remember how she'd creep up on Dexter and go like "what does this button do" but then she wouldn't wait for an answer but just go right ahead and press it anyways lol.

So, there's this traffic camera at the Ministries traffic light. Turns out it's been there for ages (I should explore my city more. A different route each day wouldn't be a bad idea).

This is a traffic camera right?
First time I saw it, I honestly was in awe cos I dint know we had traffic cameras in Ghana. So, as curious as Deedee always is, I asked myself, "what does this camera do?" Now, how was I gon find out? Yep, you got that right, I jumped the red light over there. This was somewhere in October last year. Why's it taken me this long to blog about it? Well, I just had to be sure nothing was gon happen (you know how finding people in Gh can be even when, especially when you got their street names and house numbers).

It's been 5 months and no cops have showed up at my front door. I guess it's safe to say I got away with that traffic offence, unless of course the camera is there for another purpose (maybe catch pick pockets or something).

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ghanaians Are Creative Like That!

This has been a long time coming. I said I was gon do this post a coupla weeks ago but I never got round to doing it. I have so much on Kwaku Doe too but I don get to it and then I forget :(

We all know just how creative Ghanaians can be. Yep, we've all heard the gargantuan jokes about Woyome (I even saw a cartoon of a cat singing a song about Woyome). And oh, the just ended AFCON. All the taunts targeted at Asamoah Gyan. Yeah, someone even came up with D&G (originally Dolce & Gabana) Drogba and Gyan cos they both missed crucial penalties. I do marvel sometimes at some of these and they sure do crack me up =D (that is kinda mean cos most of these stuff just make fun of people and that really isn't cool but it's funny papa).

Sometime last year, I was riding home with a work colleague when we saw, somewhere around the Osu area, some pretty innovative guys. Now, we were going too fast to get a picture. Fortunately for us, we bumped into them again on a different day at a different spot, this time close to the Oxford street and this is what we got.

Go figure! Who said there are no jobs in Ghana?
Uh huh! Two guys with a truck, popcorn machine, generator and a sound system (oh my goodness! And the music was just banging). They seemed to be having a whole lot of fun. I sure do hope they making enough money to cover the costs of the popcorn machines and the generator. Talk about a mobile popcorn maker!

Not too long after that, I came across this picture on the front page of the Ghanaian Times.

Who said you can't dress up and roast yam by the roadside?

I know I'd rather buy from him than someone else selling the same thing (it's all about presentation). I really do hope it doesn't get too hot for him though. We all know just how we got summer all year round in Gh.

Whenever I see a car with some printed note stuck on the window or on the windshield, I just assume the car's for sale. How wrong I was this time around.

Talk about mobile advertisement!
At least we all know it won't cost anything to run this ad (assuming the ad is for the car owner).

The most interesting one, I came across last week was a guy riding a bicycle with this huge placard hanging on the front of it that said "for sale". Unfortunately, I couldn't get a picture. Cars moving too fast and I was trying to stay safe. I coulda almost kicked myself. I so wanted a picture of that :(

I'm seriously considering getting a picture taker to ride with me. Thing is, most of the action seems to happen at the driver's side of the car. Well, I guess my photographer can ride in the back, directly behind me :D

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