Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kwaku Doe Ousted!

These days Kwaku Doe has been exhibiting certain behaviours which make me wonder if he should be committed to a psych facility. Sometime last week, instead of him making his rounds from car to car begging, Kwaku Doe totally ignored us, his potential benefactors and rather chose to stand in the middle of the street and sing and dance smh. Well, if that show was meant to get our attention, he succeeded but unless he expected us to get out of our cars and give him money, really, what did he achieve?

Yesterday, Kwaku Doe decided to chase a bunch of young guys who had chosen to also beg at his spot. Unlike Kwaku Doe, these young guys made the effort to offer a service, i.e., clean the windshields of cars and then beg for money. I guess realising the threat these guys posed to him, Kwaku Doe decided to chase them away. But seriously, I would rather give money to someone who provided some sort of service to me than someone who did absolutely nothing.

Unfortunately for Kwaku Doe, the guys run away for a bit but came right back when he went about making his usual rounds. Has Kwaku Doe been ousted?

Friday, January 13, 2012

Kwaku Doe - FIGHT OOO FIGHT...

Yeah, in true Ghanaian journalistic fashion, I had to make the headline sound dramatic. Well, the incident wasn't that dramatic though. Hope I at least caught your attention (I'm in a very dramatic mood today).

Apparently, there are quite a number of people interested in Kwaku Doe and why he begs on the streets everyday, even though he looks like an able bodied individual capable of working to feed himself. One such person got into an argument with him this morning, resulting in Kwaku Doe telling the person off and ordering her in Twi to "gerrout" with her car when the traffic light was still red. It was just hilarious. I couldn't hear the argument exactly but from Kwaku Doe's gestures and the look on his face, it seemed this person was telling him to go get an honest job and he, Kwaku Doe not too pleased with the advice he was getting, seemed to tell this concerned individual to go stick her advice where the sun don't shine.

I better be on guard next time I decide to ask him plenty questions (haven't done that in a bit though).

So, why am I in a dramatic mood today? MTN are totally pissing me off and they've been at it for a while now. I guess they seem to think it is sand particles that make up their 10 million customers and not individual customers. It seems they do not want my business any more. Well, I am prepared to move elsewhere (after all, mobile telephony is not a monopoly in Ghana run by MTN) but I will collect what is due me before I leave. I will of course write a whole post on MTN and my experience with their BlackBerry service (the reason I seem so occupied and don't blog often). Right now, I'm still feeling too dramatic to write a post about it that makes sense.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Is That Really Necessary?

Driving in Accra, you get to see a lot of ... for want of a better phrase, "interesting things". I really do wonder why people stick any and everything on their cars.

Want a sticker for your car, go get a bumper sticker (unless of course Apple has started manufacturing cars or maybe they do stickers for cars too  )

Apple Car?

And then of course there's always the interesting spellings that catch your eye when you sitting bored in traffic.

Shawer? Which dictionary is that in?

The good news is I got my broken mirror fixed and all the time I drove without a mirror, I never got stopped by police. The bad news is I still take pictures when I'm driving and there's a new habit I've developed too (the reason why I don't blog so often. I do that when I'm driving too).

Kwaku Doe - Late Nights & Holidays?

Happy New Year!
It's been a while since my last blog post and there is a reason. Of course I will talk about this reason soon, probably in my next couple of posts.

It just makes sense that I start this year with Kwaku Doe as he was my focus last year. Well, I didn't exactly intend to start with him cos I got other stuff from last year I wanted to blog about, but never got round to doing so cos of the reason I mentioned earlier (new year resolution: drop the long winding sentences #workingonthat).

So, it's January 2nd and I'm heading out with a friend. We get to Kwaku Doe's spot and there he is. My first thought, "holidays too"? Plus it was kinda late in the day (like 6pm). Of course I asked him what he was doing there on a holiday and that late and he motions towards his stomach and says "I'm hungry I need money".

Yes, I wanted to give him something. No, I wasn't prepared to part with anything other than coins (I had no coins). I asked my friend if she had some coins and she said no. I tell Kwaku maybe another time only to hear coins jingling in my friend's purse. Her excuse for lying to me, she would rather give her money to a blind beggar than to this Kwaku Doe person (she's been reading up on my blog).

smh. Some people just don't get my Kwaku Doe interest. On our way back at about 8pm, Kwaku was still at work. Guess the holidays were kinda slow for him.

I have kinda been ignoring him lately but who knows? We'll see what 2012 brings up.

Hope y'all had a wonderful holiday season and welcome to 2012.

Kwaku Doe - The Comeback

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