Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kwaku Doe - Not Far Gone

The main reason I didn't exactly think Kwaku Doe was mentally challenged was because he doesn't act it plus he doesn't speak like he is. Well, since he says he has mental issues and I've seen him exhibit some not so there characteristics but at the same time acts quite sane then I'd say he's not far gone or he was or is getting treatment for his condition.

Just look at him with his jeans all rolled up trying to prevent it from getting wet and muddy after the rain fell.

this rain "kwraa", it's gon mess up my jeans but I got to work too


  1. Akwaba!!!!!I hope i got that right!I absolutely love Ghana,so i'm now officially president of your fan club!But uhmmm,what's this diary of a supposed lunatic all about?!!lol!!!

  2. Plus,1st to flirt: Awesome smile!

  3. lol! "Diary of a Supposed Lunatic"? Now why dint I think of that? Long story...

  4. PS. I'm loving your thing with Mena. You guys just crack me up.


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