Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kwaku Doe - What the...? But it's pouring!

This guy really does mean business. It's raining, I mean it's actually pouring and he's still walking up and down his usual spot doing his usual thing. He had absolutely no protection from the rain. All he'd done was to pull his jeans high up so it wouldn't get wet and he had on a thick long sleeved shirt (I guess to protect him from the cold). That shirt would obviously have the opposite effect once it's all wet. I really do wonder who he expected to roll down their windows and get beaten by the rain in order to give him money.


  1. Oh Kwaku, I guess its true what they say,A concentrated mind is never disturbed. i just hope he doesn`t get sick coz of the cold. Efua,i just passed the Sunshine Award i received on Blogsville to you. please visit my blog for details.. Thank you for the frequent update on kwaku.:)

  2. Efua, continua escrevendo assim.
    Tu vai publicar um livro de contos no final ?
    Visita també


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