Tuesday, October 09, 2012

I So Totally Miss Kwaku Doe :o(

It's been ages since I last blogged about Kwaku Doe. Why? Cos I don't use the same route to work no more. I hardly ever see him. If I do see him, then it's cos I'm headed home and he's on the other side of the road :o(

I do get to see him on Sundays sometimes but we hardly get to talk. I remember there was this Sunday, I was just at his spot and there was this physically challenged man begging. Kwaku was also making his rounds but the other guy was a step ahead of him. Now, I knew the traffic light was just about to go green so I was a bit impatient when the other guy got to me first. I couldn't wait for him to leave but I dint have enough money on me to give him and Kwaku, and there was a lot of questions I wanted to ask Kwaku. I waved the physically challenged guy away and Kwaku saw it and I guess he concluded I was not in a giving mood. Urgh! I was pissed at the other guy then I felt bad for being pissed at him.

Anyways, something happened last Sunday that I dint quite get. A couple of Sundays ago I asked Kwaku how long he'd been begging and he said he'd been at it for about four years. Then last Sunday I asked what he'd been doing before he started begging and he says that's all he's been doing like forever. I'm starting to think he prolly dint understand my question. I should have spoken a local language or something. He must not have understood the English I spoke or he couldn't express himself well in English. Whichever ways, I'll get another shot maybe next Sunday.


  1. LoL I'm sure he understood your question. I'd expect him to have a different answer every time.

    1. hahahahahaha... Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised at all.

    2. Next time give the physically challenged guy some coins and tell him to go call opanyin Bonnah for you.

  2. UMM ma`am U heard the man. u gonna have to use that route forever too.. :)


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