Saturday, November 16, 2013

Adventures in a Foreign Land - It's Halloween!

For a really long time, the only thing I knew about Halloween was what I'd seen in movies and read in books.

So yes, I was pretty excited when Halloween was approaching and I was going to experience it first hand. I figured I was too old to go trick or treating (at that age, it would make sense to take my costume and go to a party instead), but I was totally going to be home and hand out candy to the trick or treaters that rung the doorbell. Oh boy! Couldn't wait to see the creative costumes the kids would come dressed up in.

Candy ready, I'm watching TV in the den and waiting and waiting and waiting... It's almost midnight and I'm wondering which parents would allow their kids to go out at that time. What was going on? I had my bowl of candy all ready by the front door but the doorbell just wouldn't ring. Kids couldn't be stuck in doors because of a snow storm because it hadn't started snowing yet. Yeah, it was cold but even I could brave that weather and walk outside (dressed appropriately of course).

Why were these kids depriving me of my Halloween experience? I would probably have been better off going to the Halloween party at the university. I just thought it would have been more exciting handing out candy to trick or treaters. Besides, I didn't have a costume and I would have so needed one to go to the party.

At half past midnight, I'm tired of watching TV so I descend downstairs to the landing to go move the candy back into the kitchen. I guess kids in this neighbourhood either don't like candy or they just don't trick or treat (totally not liking the bougie neighbourhood experience). I turn the light on to get the candy and then it hits me.

My hostess, before she left for work (night shift), said over and over again "do not turn the light off in the landing or the kids are going to think you either not home or don't want to be disturbed". Reflex had me turning the light off after leaving the candy by the front door. Bummer! I messed up my own Halloween experience.

Moral: you are more likely to mess things up when you are overly excited. Chill!

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