Friday, March 07, 2014

The Day I Haven't Exactly Forgotten About II

The Day I Haven't Exactly Forgotten About
... and then the strap of the hand bag snapped causing two things to happen.
1. I was flung into the gutter to my left. Not sure, but I felt the pain in my chin and then in my chest, so I'd say I fell in the gutter chin first.
2. The rear tyre of the car was thrown into the same gutter.

I remember feeling slightly dazed.
Someone or some people helped me out of the gutter and then I notice one of my shoes had fallen off. So then I decide to search for it. Found it in the gutter just where I fell and then I start to search for an earring that had also fallen off (I totally loved those earrings and the shoes too). After about 2 minutes, I give up the search for the missing earring (I must have realised the futility of my searching for an earring at about 10:45pm). I then move towards the car looking inside as though I was searching for something. Someone comes up behind me and asks what I'm looking for. I then tell this person (and anyone interested) that I was searching for my hand bag. Suddenly, one guy pops up seemingly out of no where and says the thief jumped over a wall with it.

Thus begun the mad hunt for the thief.

Me, after seeing all the curious stares I was receiving, some of them a mixture between curiosity and "the girl's gone crazy", and realising my hand bag was gone, I left all them people behind speculating as to what had happened and I set off to my house, wearing one shoe, the other in my hand, wearing one earring and the other most likely lying somewhere on the ground.

I get to the front of my house and bang on the gate. My keys to open the gate were in the stolen hand bag. My mum opens a window and shouts asking who it was. I guess she heard the commotion coming from the junction and was minding her own business in her house, not wanting to get mixed up with all that, and being all extra careful by checking who was banging on her gate before opening it.

Little did she know that all that ruckus had to do with her very own daughter, me. And then I start acting almost like someone who had just been through what I had.
I start sobbing and wailing and somewhere in there, I manage a, "mummy, he took my bag"... (what was in that bag?)


  1. Searching for the ear ring, the bag and then the thief??!!!You are either naturally headstrong, insane, or we put it down as a very curious case of post traumatic stress?!!!And ermm, with the tyre catapulting into same gutter...good to know you....survived at least!

    1. Yep, yep, I'm a survivor :D
      Prolly an interestingly, curious case of post traumatic stress (honestly, no idea what was going on with me at the time).

  2. Wow babes, I prefer the stress explanation. You are one lucky girl. Hope you went to see a doctor

    1. Yep, I did see a doctor. That bit comes up next.


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