Friday, April 25, 2014

As Useless As...

There really are hardly any bank robberies in Ghana. I'm sure (not 100%) in my lifetime, I've heard of only one. So, it really doesn't surprise me that police officers providing security at a bank (I guess against potential bank robberies that never happen) find other means of entertaining themselves, like doubling as parking attendants and firing AK47 rifles at innocent persons. I wouldn't be surprised if most of the AK47 rifles these officers wield have never been fired and I'm sure that irks these officers too.
I promise, I don't have a personal thing against Ghana Police
This police officer is stationed at a bank in Accra. The security at the bank that day were busy bickering with persons who had parked in the bank's parking lot without entering the bank (finding parking really is a problem in Accra). Rather than get involved, this officer deciding he wasn't a parking attendant, decided he taking 40 winks would be a more profitable use of his time.

I just got 3 questions for him.
1. Should armed robbers invade the bank, will he bother to go after them, and if so, will he:
(a) take his slippers off to go after them?
(b) go after them with his slippers on?
2. Is he aware that according to a PRO of the Ghana Police Service, should the AK47 rifle fall and hit the ground, it will start firing  (that's how smart Ghana Police officers really are)?
3. Did the possibility of a potential robber picking up his rifle and using it to rob the bank, or a madman/woman or psycho picking up the rifle and doing with it as they please occur to him?

So I ask, what really is the essence of police officers at a bank? Waste of tax payers money if you ask me. And oh, the only bank robbery I ever heard of in Gh, well, the robbers got away with the money, and yes, there was police security at the bank at the time.
So, how useful is police presence at a bank?

All this to arrest a taxi driver? Really please, each of you just hold a tyre of the taxi. That will absolutely ensure the car won't move
Security in Ghana really have a totally weird-ed out way of tackling problems.


  1. This issue of security in Ghana Is something to laugh about. Our only savior is that we don't have hardened criminals. They would Robb the nation dry if we did.

    1. Spot on DiDi!
      It's so possible to be mighty dumb and still be a successful robber here. Chances are, you just might be smarter than those tasked to catch you.

  2. you brought out a valid point LOL. I am from India and the security concerns you raised, is very much similar to the situation here. Criminals are making good use of it too. The hardcore criminals gets no punishment at all. The mild ones and the common people suffer a lot.

    1. Hopefully, things get better in India and in Ghana soon.


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