Friday, May 16, 2014

Unforgettable Weekend in Durban!

Yebo, I had so much fun, if I decide to write about it, the post could pass for a PhD thesis.
So, I'll stick to pictures mostly. Well, and then there's the thing about a picture being worth 1,000 words, and then of course I can get more people jealous with pictures (totally not my intention).
Day 1
Sala kahle Accra! Sawubona Durban!
Day 2

The view from the hotel & my room was just breathtaking! The hotel itself was spectacular
A city tour had me exploring as much of Durban as I could before lunch
Time to relax, unwind and experience unlimited fun at uShaka Marine World
I could've been in picture number 2, but most important thing is, I did get the picture with the sharks :D
Dinner, and then it was time to hit the club!
Day 3
I was humbled by my experience with the rich Zulu culture at Phezulu village. And then I shared a coke with Lungi
Picture with a crocodile (checking to be sure it didn't have access to any of my body parts), selfie with a giraffe (no lions in Phezulu safari park and then there's a selfie with some zebras too (though they look so tiny in the picture)!
The Game drive was the best ride I have had ever! (just had to add that).

Food, glorious food! Magical food, wonderful food, marvelous food at Cubana!
Day 4
Yebo, BRAI
Had pap too! What can I say? More food, glorious food at Max's Lifestyle, Umlazi
And I did shop till I literally dropped at Gateway Mall
Explored the city a bit and then had me some dinner
Day 5
Can't believe I'm leaving this room. Awwwwwww... the view *sob sob*
The last breakfast
Breathed in my last beachfront air and then it was sala kahle Southern Sun Elangeni & Maharani
Ngiyakukhumbula kakhulu already
All too soon, back at King Shaka Airport, headed back to Accra
This was one weekend I can't forget about even if I tried.
Thanks be to God for a wonderful and safe trip.

Ngiyabonga kakhulu South African Tourism, Ngiyabonga kakhulu GMA, Ngiyabonga kakhulu Yfm. None of this would have been possible without you.

I should so add that I am on a meat free diet until further notice!

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