Friday, March 20, 2015

"Baby on Board." Princess! Really?

I always wonder what I'm to do when I drive behind a car with the sign, "Baby on Board". Finally, (after months of debating with myself), I decide it means I should drive extra careful behind that car and not get annoyed when that car goes too slow (are drivers supposed to be paying attention to babies while driving? just asking), honk unnecessarily etc. (meaning I can do the exact opposite behind a car without that sign). Wonder why they didn't teach me that in driving school (maybe these signs hadn't been invented then).

Sometime last week, I was driving behind a car with this sign:
First time I ever saw one so I took a picture, but forgot about it, until I saw the same car again this morning.
All I can say is REALLY??? (there wasn't even anyone in the car aside the driver, humph!) Totally getting/designing an "Amazing Diva/Superhero in Car" sign (not that I need one though).


  1. I guess the real concept behind the 'baby on board' sign has not been explored. Some people just put it there for the fun of it, other times too, some are lazy to take it off when there's no baby there.

    1. True. Lots of times I see the sign and there isn't a baby in sight.

  2. Blessings.......
    baby on board, means be careful and mindful while driving behind me.
    by all means get your sign, you only live once.

    1. Seriously thinking about getting it :)


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