Friday, October 02, 2015

The Good, The Bad or The Truth! Celebrity Stories!

Which celebrity story sells?
A good story?
A bad story?
A true story?

Celebrity stories increasingly tend to focus more on the bad, than on the good or true.
The reason?
People just like bad stories?
People just like to write bad stories?
Bad stories sell?

Question is, how are these stories obtained anyways?
I bet half the stories out there about celebs weren't obtained by actually interviewing or observing these celebs, and they were most likely gleaned from interviews done by others, twisted, turned around, until they sound nothing like the truth, and then published.

Why am I on about this?
Well, last week, I am there, I am right there when Ghana Gist interviews Juliet Ibrahim. Juliet talks about 5 things people don't know about her, Ghana Gist publishes a story with a video. Now, I am reading other stories online that are a complete misrepresentation of what she said, and I just don't get it. For one thing, these writers were not there, and they must have watched a different video featuring someone else (that's if they even watched the video at all).
For heaven's sake, THERE'S A VIDEO WITH JULIET IBRAHIM TALKING! WATCH THE VIDEO! If I hadn't been there, me too, I would be believing all these stories?

Eish! It is not easy being a celebrity at all!
Still, I maintain, celebrities really are human! Before you go writing a whole lot of hogwash about them, keep that in mind.


  1. Breaking up with on your blog! There!

    1. :o
      What happened?
      How's that even possible?


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