Friday, March 25, 2011


I love Bruno Mars. I love his songs, his lyrics, his looks, the dude can siiiiiiiing....
But, "Grenade"? I actually do love the song but there are problems, quite a number of problems.
"shoulda known you was trouble from the first kiss had your eyes wide open why were they open". Now, unless he had a video camera recording the first kiss I really don't see how he could tell the other person's eyes were open unless his were too. So then really, if both eyes were open what's the problem?
He goes on to talk about giving all he had to this woman and she tossed it in the trash and all but really why would you want to catch a grenade for someone that just don't give a s*** about you? Well, of course I do know how hard it is when you love someone and will do just about anything for them but they don't reciprocate and you just can't help still doing stuff for them which brings me to why I'm even writing this.
Came across a friend's status on facebook asking if it was okay to let a guy know how you feel about him or to just hold it back (this was to the ladies that's why I said guy). I couldn't help but comment on it. I really do think that it is so not cool and quite foolish to be with someone and pretend you don't love them or you could do without them when in reality you actually can't. It doesn't make sense to act like you really don't care if you lose the person you with when you actually do. Why do people do this? Because they believe they are saving themselves from potential drama, hurt and pain. True, but then what if the person you with also decides to or just finds someone else willing to treat them like a gem and unafraid to show them how they feel?
I'm not saying y'all should go out there and catch grenades for anybody (mind you, that is just plain crazy and borders on being obsessed) but really don't be afraid to show how you feel in a very sensible way. If you are goo-goo, gaa-gaa about somebody well, you don't exactly have to tell them that because human as we all are, the person would probably take advantage of that knowledge (at least I know I would). I mean if I was with somebody that would throw his hand on a blade, jump in front of a train for me and all that and made it a point to let me know about it, I'd either run as far away as I can from him (because the only way he'd be able to do all those things is if he created those situations and then what if he chickened out? my unrecognisable flattened corpse would be found under a train) or I'll just stay and totally take advantage of him.
So, my point, let the person you are with know how you feel about them. I'm sure they are not psychic or mind readers so if you don't say it, they won't know. However, if you feel like catching grenades for them, do them a favour and keep it to yourself. Any which ways, wouldn't it make more sense to push them out of the way so you can both live and enjoy life together rather than catch the grenade, blow up in front of the person you love and traumatize them for life? Besides if the person doesn't care about you, who says they won't find someone else and forget about you when you blow yourself up?

Nice song though, nice track...


  1. Interesting post. About how he found out here eyes were open; Perhaps he opened his eyes briefly or someone told!

    Unreciprocated love can be a bitch. I know... But, why pretend not to love someone when everyone else knows you do? You only end up looking stupid. If you tell the object of your affection how you feel and he/she doesn't feel the same way, cry yourself to sleep for a few days and suck it up. There ia always someone else who cares...

    Oh! and I love Bruno Mars too..

  2. Interesting post..Bruno rocks...


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