Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mobile Phone Companies and their Promotions

Recently, I saw this ad from a telecommunications company advertising a new promotion. And what's the grand prize? A house! Okay, it's wonderful and all that these companies find it prudent to try and set up their customers in life but really a house? What's next? They've given out airtime on their network, money, cars and now a house! Seriously, throw in a husband or wife and you just might have set someone up for life. And oh, in a couple of years add a kid or two maybe you can just make it twins (a boy and a girl) and that will really set someone up for the rest of their lives but don't forget to keep the money promotions coming in so I can win and take care of my new found family, my newly acquired house and service the car you so generously gave to me.

I learnt a taxi driver (I stand to be corrected but I got this information from another taxi driver whose car I boarded) won a brand new car one of these companies gave out not too long ago and apparently he spent about GHs600 on airtime just so he could text and win the car. Yippee! Good for him, he got a brand new car for only GHs600. Two problems however come to mind.

  • One, where does a taxi driver get off spending GHs600 on airtime? Well, I'm told it wasn't all at once but it was throughout the duration of the promotion (maybe I should think of a change in profession because honestly, I do not see myself spending GHs600 from what I earn right now on airtime just so I can use it to text to win a car). That's actually money he could have saved and used for something else but hey, he did win a car which is worth far more than the GHs600 he spent to win it. Which brings me to my second problem...
  • Two, what about all those who spent equally as much or even more than that to win the car but did not win? Do they just dust themselves up and wait for the next promotion or file for bankruptcy? I actually wouldn't be surprised if people actually borrow money in order to take part in these promos because I believe the more you text, the better your chances are.
I was watching this other promotion run by another telecom company on television and the presenter introduced one of the selected participants as a house help (Ei! I should really change my profession). This lady walked away that day with GHs5000. I just wish I could ask her how much she spent on airtime just to be selected. If really the more you text or the more airtime you spend on the network increases your chances of winning then honestly I'd be expecting bank managers and extremely wealthy people to walk away with the prizes (but of course they probably are not interested since they have all that and more).

What I would really like to know is what really is the essence of these promotions? Is it for the companies to enrich themselves because more people will spend more money buying airtime in order to text or are the companies really interested in bettering the lives of Ghanaians? Do you really increase your chances by the number of times you text because if that's the case then it is only rich people who can afford to do that and their lives are better already so really what are these companies going to do for them? If you asked me I'd say wouldn't it make more sense to encourage Ghanaians to work hard, save money and guaranty themselves a better life instead of throwing whatever little money they have away by taking part in these promotions. The fact of the matter is you do not even know what your chances of winning are anyways.

Well, it is after all by choice and no company ever put a gun to anyone's head forcing them to text.

Now, to let the cat out of the bag, I have tried myself like once or twice but looks like I don't have a single lucky bone in my body (mind you, this blog was not written out of skin-pain). What was I thinking anyway? My one text was not going to get me that car when someone was willing to spend GHs600. I guess that is his investment and it worked out.

I will let you know if I take part in subsequent promotions and hopefully, I'll be showing off my new husband or is it my new set of twins if I win...


  1. lol..mum(yep, MUMMY), i think your blog is great but what you refuse to see is that no intellect has won it (no disrespect). Then again ask yourself are they for real? because sources close to me say its all facade.

  2. Finally. I'm glad you've decided to join the blogging community. We've been waiting for people like you for so long. Welcome!

    Now.. to your post. Love it! I'm yet to understand the technicalities involved in selection of winners... Taxi drivers, house helps. Perhaps those who really need the money are the ones who need it. For me, i've never been a lucky gambler... When it comes to facts,that's my territory.

    Good luck with your plans to win a husband and a set of twins.... lol!

  3. I wouldn't be surprised if it is fake too Son, after all it's only taxi drivers, house helps and fishermen who seem to win (no disrespect). you'd think they can't afford to take part.

  4. hmmmm... you are right Mercy but can those who win afford to take part?
    Don't worry, you'll be the first to see my set of twins and my hubby.

  5. i tyoed about 20 lines and tried loading twice and it failed.
    i quit. will try again after a can of soda


  6. loool,,,gud 1,,,lemmi answwer/correct sam of ur of ur st8mnts.. der are basically 2 types of raffles d telecoms companies put out der...1)Draws dat say d highest texter will win a car,,etc. as in d case of d cab driver..wth those kinda draws its either ure textn big tym or ure nt textn at all,,cos 20 or 30 msgs wnt get u anywhere..d cab driver made a wise investment,,wth d hse 1 i bet if u invst abt 20mill in txtn u'd turn up d highest texter n u will surely win....i view those promos as investmnt opprtunities...lol... 2) The promotions that say the more u txt the more ur chances of winnig is a st8mnt made based on simple luck n probability.. if we put 7 black balls n 3 white balls in a box,,the probability of chosn a black ball is automatically higher bt it doesnt mean u'll sure pick a black ball.. so d house help may hve texd jst once or twice n she was pickd.. I guess now u'll know which draw suits u best..>>>*<<< **wink**

  7. lol... Ricky? I guess this is Ossei Yaw and I`m so not surprised since you in the same sector. Actually got a call from a friend in another telecom company yesterday abt this piece. great and I agree with you. but where did the taxi driver get the money to make the investment? or did he also text once and get lucky?
    and if he borrowed it, I`m sure he also knows the laws of probability as well so he knew he might not win, then what happens to all the money he has spent? ok, lemme tell you the the one I want to take part in... I want the one that will give me a ready made family. right now, you guys have given us everything apart from that. suggest that to your marketing guys and pls do help me with the airtime (you know I don`t have plenty moni) **wink**

  8. go u, go u!! i know u have always had it in u. this is the you i have always been waiting for all over again!!!...

    But hey, fake or not... i am getting that house form tigo this year!! and u r welcome into it any day! i missed the ML, i'm not letting this one go... mind u i have even texted yet.. so i am not sure where my strong faith is from :)

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG... soon i'l be here too :)

  9. hahahahahaaaha... Lizzy, this is officially dedicated to you. I know how hard you wrkd at getting that ML. Now you are after the house? Ei! telecom companies what are you doing to my friend?

    Patiently waiting for you to join the blogging world:)

  10. lol... well check again cos i have.. i am putting together my very crazy ideas... soonest!

  11. LoL. The companies are making soooo much money from the promotions. They spend the usual on advertising but they get more out of it because people pass the word around and that keeps the company's name on peoples minds. second thing I can think of it the income generated from participants would easily cover the cost of the prize. No intelligent Director of Marketing will sign-off on a promotion that will bring about a loss to the company. (Well, unless its a state-run organization).


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