Friday, July 01, 2011


On just about every MTN official car, the inscription behind reads "In case of careless driving call 18001".

On my way home from work one evening, I'd just passed the Cal Bank and was headed down the Liberation road (hope that's what it's called) when just out of this MTN yard (don't know what to call it but I always see MTN pick ups coming out from that side plus the walls are all decorated with MTN ads) I saw this MTN pick up stick it's head out. Now since my speed was somewhere around 80 and I was so close, I assumed the driver of the car would not make a move to join the road, but how wrong I was.

The smart driver joined the road and I was going too fast to slow down enough or stop so I had to swerve into the next lane. If there'd been another car in that lane then both of us would have been goners. The usual me would have chased this guy, caught up with him and given him a peace of my mind but I relaxed, took down his car number with the intention of calling 18001 (cos that incident definitely counted as careless driving) and venting.

On my first couple of tries that very evening, I just kept hearing the phone was off or unavailable or something. I tried again a couple of days later and this time the phone rang but no one picked up. What I'd like to know is why does MTN have that number at the back of their cars if the phone is going to be off or if no one's going to pick up? Really? What's the point? Why pretend to be concerned about the driving abilities of their drivers when really they are not?


  1. Well, not to come off smart-assed or anthing but I suppose the answer was in the question you asked. They are pretending to care. Makes them look good.

    Until you actually pick up the phone and dial the number, which I'm guessing next to noone ever does.

    MTN is just another corporate machine, about time Ghanaians started giving as good as they're getting. Make them work for their customers some.

    BTW, I do sympathize. Good thing you weren't hurt.

  2. GOOD LORD...i`m sorry!!! THANK GOD YOU DID NOT GET HURT..MTN has in recent times showed us that they don`t give a heck about their subscribers,all they care about is the revenue they generate. I`m not surprised they did not pick up..Have U tried calling "111" the call centre lately?? It takes 20mins to get through,sometimes more. If U have the licence place number. I suggest U go back to that yard on Monday and with a Lawyer. U HAVE TO SUE SOMEBODY coz had it been things went bad,this is the kind of neglect you were going to face..THANK GOD YOU ARE SAFE.

  3. Trust the big corporations like MTN to be so indifferent as to use a number that no one's all for PR i guess.

    Next time, run if you see any of their cars. Shame on them!


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