Thursday, July 07, 2011

Only in Gh huh?

I am so used to seeing motorcycle riders whiz past me on their bikes with no helmet on. I just presume these bikers don't have helmets or their helmets aren't available at the time. But really it is only in Gh that a biker's helmet takes a seat while the head of the biker goes unprotected.

"Sit back my dear helmet and enjoy the ride. Don't worry about my head."


  1. No Efua,its not just Ghana. If u wanna see crazy riders without helmets,the U should take a road trip to erm Nigeria. Too far?? Just visit TOGO,U gonna see female riding,HOLLYWOOD style"without helmets". I just pity them each time i see them but don`t blame them to much coz i have seen our so called law enforcers practice this same Act.

  2. Not so fast.
    Some people were out on their bikes protesting a law in NY requiring them to use helmets. One of the protesters crashed, hit his head and died.
    Some people just need extra lessons on safety.

  3. In Brazil they put the helmets on their elbow instead on their head.


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