Thursday, May 03, 2012


Remember the drive through food joint that wasn't really a drive through? Guess what? The building has a banner hanging up front that says "Pharmacy Opening Soon" (I wonder if it'll be a drive through pharmacy :D). I really wanted to take a picture of that yesterday and then today, but I'm staying safe now. No picture taking while driving.

Saw another traffic camera around Mateheko, and guess what? The traffic light wasn't even working. Matter of fact, the traffic light wasn't working yesterday when I passed there (been using different routes to work. Trying to explore Accra a bit).

It's been about four days of Glo in Gh and guess what? There's still a swarm of people in front of the Gloworld shops. I checked out one of their shops before they even started work this morning, and there were all these people outside waiting for them to open. The network must be that good. I must get me some Glo before they decide their freebies should be paid for.

Yeah, I would also have loved to have had updates on Kwaku Doe but these new routes I'm using lately, take me in the opposite direction of his "office".


  1. Could you tell Kwaku Doe to snatch one of those cameras for me? I'd like to know who is watching and why.

  2. I also passed by a Glo shop this morning. The queue was just crazy. What bothers me is that I have a reserved number and I don't want to lose it. Oh well, perhaps I will try later in the day.

    1. Glo has extended the period of retrieving reserved numbers indefinitely. You still have more time:)

    2. Omo be ka anukware! I don't know how they expected to complete that exercise in 7 days.

  3. Glo is here and all of a sudden Wayome and Ken are gotta love GH lol


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