Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Keeping My Cool!

More like fighting myself to keep my cool.

I haven't had electricity for the past five (5) days. Thought I was living in the capital city of Gh. Dansoman isn't really a bougie neigbourhood but at least it's cool. I so feel like I'm living in the dark ages (literally). People in my hood just seem to be giving up cos I realised yesterday that two more houses had gone and got themselves generators. Maybe I should just shut up and get myself one.

According to ECG, (of course I called their customer service line) there's a blast transformer in my area and they've been working at replacing it (for the past 5 days) *rollingmyeyes*

Whenever I feel like losing it, (I so have a reason to right about now. My wash and wear clothes are finished. How do I go to work tomorrow?) I remember this picture I saw on someone's profile on foursquare (another social network, I think) and then I keep calm.

How true...
I was so upset yesterday, I dint care if I was gon boil yam or rice, and then I saw this sticker at the back of a taxi. Oh my goodness! I haven't laughed that hard since "Trials of the Ghanaian" ;)



  1. Hilarious!!! Sorry about your apparel situation. Perhaps you should get more wash and wears? hahahah!

  2. Herh! I will show you that my temper can boil plantain :D

  3. Lmao at the bumper sticker lol..erm please its time to go wont hurt :)

    1. hehehehe... of course. Just waiting on my male presence ;)

  4. The hot-temper-can't-boil-yam sign is too funny. LoL.

    Please don't lose your cool, ye fiesty Dansoman bougie-lady :-P

    1. hahahahaha... bougie? me? oh nah. Total opposite ;)


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