Monday, June 18, 2012

Kwaku Doe - Napping

I don't really write much (at all) about Kwaku Doe these days cos I use a different route to work. I pass by him on my way home though but I can't interact with him cos of the direction I approach him from.

So of course I was thrilled on Saturday when I had to go out and I went by his spot. Imagine my disappointment when I dint spot him. I actually had my motivator ready, together with a bunch of questions I wanted to ask him, but seems I went by at the wrong time. I did see him eventually but he was lying comfortably (he looked like he was) on the sidewalk with a cement block as his pillow. I almost motioned for him to come, but then again I doubt if he'd have been thrilled to have had his afternoon nap disrupted because of a GH¢0.50 coin.


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