Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mobile Phone Companies/Car Dealerships/Lottery Companies/...

What would happen if our mobile phone companies concentrated on providing just that, mobile phone service? My guess is we would most likely have pretty good service in that area. But what would they rather do? They'd much rather be car dealerships and give out the best cars (of course, at a price though we don't realise) or lottery companies and get us all engaged in this game of chance. Maybe they should just shut their services down and run a casino (they'd probably excel over there. afterall, they do have the experience).

Kinda reminds me of this IT company (if you can call it that) which sells vinegar and honey in addition to all its IT stuff (and this company runs an IT training institute. makes me wonder if the students are trained vinegar and honey makers too).

I really wouldn't mind winning that jaguar though :D Thing is, I'm not ready to part with my hard earned cash (besides, it is a game of chance afterall. what really are the chances of me winning 1 out of 3 jaguars out of the 11million plus customers of this network).


  1. LOl Marketing strategy in the air.. I`m not gonna waste my time though..They can drive their thing..

    Lmao @ the IT company..

    1. Definitely a marketing strategy. As for me, I don even have the money to waste.

      I guess the IT company is looking at diversifying lol

  2. So everytime i'm on here, i spent the 1st 5mins oogling at your.....breathtaking i tell you¬!

    In other words, happy new year!
    Here's to not throwing down our hand earned salaries into lottery wishing wells! Lool!

    1. Definitely blushing @ paragraph 1.

      Yeah, yeah, to ignoring them lottery wishing wells ℓσℓ

      A wonderful new year to you too!


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