Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Anoda Doe? (Kwaku? or Kofi?)

Pretty confusing huh? Seems I've come across another John (Kwaku or Kofi) Doe.
No, I don't interact with him.
Why? Never had the chance to or maybe it's better I dint.

I've always questioned original Kwaku Doe's sanity but with this new guy, there's no question about that. It is quite clear that there's something wrong.

First time I saw him, he was taking a bath in a gutter (yeah). His front was covered though by this slab at the edge of the gutter. All anyone really could see was his bum. He was using this tin can to fetch water out of the gutter, which he was standing in, and pouring on himself. He was butt naked.

I do know mentally challenged individuals do weird stuff but what I don't get is how come he knows he's got to keep clean (eventhough it was with gutter water) and how come he also knows he has to keep his nakedness away from the public (eventhough he was butt naked, by the roadside. at least he knew to cover his front part).

A few days after the first time I saw him taking his bath in the gutter, I saw him walking along the roadside fully clothed. It did make me wonder how he got out after his bath (if he got out before dressing or if he dressed before getting out). What really baffled me was no one seemed bothered or thought what he was doing was out of the ordinary. Matter of fact, I was the only one staring (maybe everyone is just used to him and his baths).

I saw him again this morning, taking a bath in the gutter (and yes, I was the only one staring) and no matter how many times I chance upon this scene, I doubt if I'll get used to it.


  1. I guess he must be an interesting guy lol! Long time no see you on my blog, Dentaa how be?

    1. Definitely one interesting guy.
      Been ages Docia. I'm gud oo. Hope you are too. Checking out your blog right now :)


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