Monday, February 04, 2013

About To? Seriously?

I have heard of, I have seen "Just Married" on the cars of newly weds.

Saturday, I saw for the first time "About To Wed" on the back of a car. The front of the car was decorated with ribbons.

Just wondering if the wedding was going to happen that day and the notice was there for the before the wedding and then after the priest says "I now pronounce you husband and wife", the notice would change to "Just Married".

Forgive my ignorance but this was just the first time I saw this:


  1. Lol, I am thinking he is warning ladies to stay away? or could be inviting people to the wedding

    1. hahahaahahaha... very possible (dint think of that) lol

  2. ...Or maybe he was on the way to the altar..


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