Friday, July 26, 2013

Mixed Bag

I wouldn't exactly say I've made Kwaku Doe famous by blogging about him, but I do get phone calls every once in a while saying: "I just saw Kwaku Doe. The guy you've been talking about".

Sometime ago (I think like two weeks ago), I got a phone call about Kwaku Doe. Now, I'm kinda used to that and I was kinda expecting to hear the usual ("I just saw Kwaku Doe"). Well, I did hear that, and in addition, I heard "what is wrong with that guy?" A friend of mine saw Kwaku Doe and recognised him from the description I've been giving about him and the description of his location. What did my friend do? Well, he figured if Dentaa has been going on about this guy and giving him money, then I could give him money too (mind you, this guy does not give money to beggars). My friend gives Kwaku Doe Gp40 and what does Kwaku do? Say thank you and walk away? Oh no! Kwaku gave the money right back and said it wasn't enough to buy kenkey and fish. Seriously?

I've watched "Da Kink in My Hair" like twice on Viasat 1 and I think it's ok. But if you ask me the title should be changed to "Da Kink in My Jamaican Hair living in Canada" (maybe producers thought about that but decided it was too long so they shortened it).

Earlier this week, I was watching Viasat 1 and then there was an ad for "Twisted Tips". The look on my face was (I couldn't see my face but I'm sure it was) priceless. Seriously? was all I said. In my head, they moved "Twisted Tips" from Saturday 4pm (or is it 4:30pm? could never figure out the time for that show. still can't figure it out now that they're showing us hair made in Jamaica and living in Canada) to another time. "Urgh!" The ad ended and the time for the programme was shown as 4pm on Saturday. Right after that ad, there's another ad for "Da Kink in My Hair" also showing on Saturday, 4pm. I figured it was a mistake on the part of Viasat 1 (seriously, how can you make such a mistake and make the blood pressure of some of us rise like that?), until I saw the same ad for "Twisted Tips" yesterday. This time there was no follow up ad of "Da Kink in My Hair". What's going on Viasat 1? Someone confused over there or something? Y'all making my blood pressure really rise. I'd watch Jamaican hair any day over twisted things. Unless y'all trying to tell us you have the technology  to show two different programmes at the same time on your network.

I really still am trying to wrap my head around "xoxo". There are times I watch it and I think that's pretty ok. Other times I watch and I just baulk hmmmmmm... TV series made in Gh are that bad.


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