Friday, July 05, 2013

Updates... Missing Kwaku Doe...

The "Deadly Billboard" I've been going on about has been removed. I'd like to think my writing about it had something to do with its removal (I seriously doubt it).

The "Active Advertising" billboard was taken down not long after my post. Again I'd like to think my writing about it had something to do with its removal (seriously doubting). The ad has been replaced with another, advertising a prayer summit, and guess what? The advertisers don't want us to actively guess when the summit is taking place (somebody wised up or different advertisers).

At least this one tells us the programme is in June (no more guessing)
I stopped watching "Twisted Tips". I guess I got tired of criticising plenty. And then the Saturday before last Saturday, I happened to be watching the station that shows "Twisted Tips", at the time "Twisted Tips" is supposed to be shown, and guess what? It didn't show. They rather showed a programme about people with weird eating habits. There was something about a guy that ate raw meat (imagine that). Interesting thing is, I figure I'd enjoy eating raw meat myself more than watching "Twisted Tips". After the weird eating thingy, there was another Ghanaian series that didn't exactly blow me away, but was so much more refreshing than what I'm used to from Gh. That was my first time ever watching "xoxo". I must admit, it wasn't bad at all (for once I'm not critiquing some programme out of Gh. if it's good, I'll say it). What really got me is, that was my first time watching, and though it's a series, I was able to follow (just hoping it wasn't a one-off thing and I just caught them on a good episode).

I came across another garbage truck a couple of weeks ago, and in my estimation, what I saw seemed a whole lot more dangerous than the first one I wrote about (this one was so much smaller). Still makes me wonder how safe it is.

At least the truck was moving real slow.

Took this not too long ago, and guess what? He's still in the same business.


  1. You seem surprised that Kwaku Doe is still there. Why is that?

    1. Figured he'd have moved on, found a job, unless what he's doing has him comfy.

  2. well shes surprised coz he by now,has made a fortune from this help me business.. anyway as for that garbage truck/Death Trap. i think those on board know better.

    1. Yep Didi, you so hit the nail on the head.
      That garbage truck though smh...


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