Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ms Naa

Oh No! don't jump the gun. Of course I'm not about to go off on her (like I usually do when someone or something ends up as title of my blog post). I love the woman (trust me, I couldn't be more straight even if you stretched me) as a radio presenter.

Naa Adzorkor Addo aka Ms Naa of YFM aka Hillary (whatever happened to her?) is the bomb (by my estimation at least).
I got enough problems in my life and enough of them to look forward to at work, so I really can't imagine what would happen to me if I should add Ghana's problems (more than likely political) to all that on my drive to work. Now, that's exactly what would happen if I should listen to some other radio station's morning programme, where there'd be a newspaper review and a discussion of the newspaper headlines. I do see some of these headlines during my morning drive, (I tinted my windows but seems I forgot I'd still be able to see outside) and the last thing I want to hear is a discussion on them. I however don't mind listening to how some dude shot himself in the groin because he forgot to put the safety catch on before putting the gun in his pocket (bizarre news).
I really am positive Ms Naa would interrupt or halt the broadcast of "Ryse and Shyne" to let listeners know a UFO landed at the airport (why do I think a UFO would land at the airport and not on someone's farm or worse yet on top of my house?) should that happen. So yes, I doubt I'd miss it if something disastrous happened in Gh just because I choose to listen to "Ryse and Shyne" (ummmm... I'm kinda sticking my neck out here, hope I'm not wrong o wonderful producers of "Ryse and Shyne").
Someone might ask, why not listen to a CD or put in an mp3 player and avoid all the political talk? I'll get to that in a bit (why I love Ms Naa's noise), but let me attempt a possible answer by saying that, in that case, who'd tell me about the UFO? Besides, with DJ Vision on the 1s and 2s, I get me some noise and real good music too (totally craving some "Loud and Live" right about now).

I remember I gave a friend a ride to work one morning and she totally didn't get why I was listening to Ms Naa. According to her, Ms Naa really makes way too much noise. Yes, I agree. Thing is, even though I've gone through the motions in the morning of getting out of bed, taking a shower, getting dressed and actually controlling a motor vehicle, at that time, I really am still somewhere between la-la land and reality (how I'm able to actually start a car in that state is beyond me). So yes, I need that noise. And yes, Ms Naa makes a whole lot of it (I thought I had an irritating laugh till I heard hers).
Now, Ms Naa, YOU CAN'T SING! Yes, you're a judge on Vodafone Icons, but trust me, being a judge on a singing show don't mean you got to know how to sing (I'm pretty sure Simon Cowell couldn't hold a note even with a gun pointed to his head). I love your noise, but not that noise. But then again, if I had my own radio show, I'd probably do all the things I want to do but can't do because I suck at them, like sing (but seriously, stick to the radio presenting, minus the singing).

There's this interesting thing though. Ms Naa has a sound for when Wolverine's thingys come out of his knuckles (she has a sound for a whole lot of things, sounds only she could come up with). She says that's the sound they make (do they even make a sound?). Well, I found myself making that very same sound when "The Wolverine" started showing in theatres. I know I got a couple of "shush" stares, but did I care? Nope (it helped that the place was dark too). I was having way too much fun, which is what I believe Ms Naa has everyday at work (except for the getting to work by 6am  part though). Ms Naa sounds so real, so natural, so like she's not faking it, so much so that I would love to have her job (except that during my reign, "Ryse and Shyne" would be "Bored at Work" or "Hating on Your Boss" and would be broadcast at noon, maybe 12:30pm). But really, I've never liked it when Ms Naa had to be away and someone else stood in for her. Ms. Naa, I hope you realise that means you having baby number two in the studio (absolutely no leave for you ever, under no circumstance, unless you got some crazed person standing in. not that I think you a crazed person. no way would I think or say or write that. promise).

All that said though, I am having this feeling that Ms Naa's daughter, when she's older, will not be liking the nickname her Mama has given her on the show. Black Ivy. Yep. Because of Beyonce and Jay Z's daughter's name. I'm wondering what baby number two's nickname will be. South East? (for anyone who didn't get that, after Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby).

Don't get it twisted! I wasn't paid to write this, neither was I paid to do the piece on GetFamiliar. I like to write good stuff about things I like and not so good stuff about things I don't like. What can I say, my blog's pink salt *wink* at all "Ryse and Shyne" listeners.


  1. lol U started getting all sort of stories after the Get Familiar post??

    Ms Naa! #Nuffsaid. she is the only reason,well besides when the Dallas Cowboys are playing.. i get online just to listen to radio. :D

    You gotta love her Bizarre news though coz u never know whats coming..i`ve heard stories crazier than the UFO or man shooting himself..

    1. You have no idea @ the GetFamiliar post.
      I hardly listen to radio, but Ms Naa's got me listening.
      For her bizarre news, they sure beat any political drama coming out of Gh. I guess muchas gracias to :D

  2. Sigh! You sure did take your time with this post. Was wondering when you would get to the point. Lol! Ms Naa.... sometimes I wonder why I listen to her noise. Yes, Noise! Her laugh makes me feel like clawing my dashboard. Truth be told, I love Vision's mixes so I usually tune in at 8am just to listen to him.

    And Miss Naa's singing? Seriously,WTF! In plain words, it's torture.

    1. Hahahaha... a lil going on and on never hurt :D
      You feel like clawing your dashboard? I feel like driving into a ravine (if I could find one). Ms Naa's just terrible (I mean that in a good way, if that's possible). DJ Vision's mixes are so on point :; Papa V all the way (oops Ms Naa did say to drop the same name she gave him after he got called that on MNET. wonder if same will happen with Black Ivy #justwondering).
      Ms Naa's singing? Trying to imagine Simon Cowell's reaction to that one. Priceless if you ask me. Torture really is an understatement.


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