Monday, September 09, 2013

Twisted Things Replaced!!! (Or So I Thought)

I won't even bother with the real name of the show, so I'll stick to "Twisted Things" (after all it is my blog).

Viasat 1, seriously?
Whoever's in charge over there needs to wake up! Last week, I kept seeing ads on the station advertising "Da Kink in My Hair" (the replacement for "Twisted Things" - or so I thought) to be shown at 5:30pm on Fridays and an ad for "Twisted Things" to be shown on Saturdays at 4:30pm.

Naturally, I decided to check it out, but Friday I got caught up watching the Ghana Black Stars beat the Zambian team (honestly can't remember the name of the team), so I wasn't able to check Viasat1 at 5:30pm. Saturday, 4pm, I was glued to Viasat 1, and Glo X Factor aired. Then at 4:30pm when "Twisted Things" was to show, "Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami" showed instead. Of course I was glad that "Twisted Things" didn't show but seriously, I could think of more profitable things I could do with my time than watch anything to do with the Kardashian's (I really am not a fun of just anything just because it's coming out of the US of A). Against my better judgement, I sat through watching the dramas in the lives of Kourtney and Khloe (like I don't have enough drama in my life).

All I can say is thank God I endured 30 minutes with the Kardashian ladies because at 5pm, Viasat 1 showed "Twisted Things". Of course I'd just wasted 30 minutes watching some show about the lives of some sisters (at least it had a story line), and I wasn't about to waste another 30 minutes watching some show which didn't appear to have a story line. Just before I turned the television off, some voice comes on and announces that 5 different characters were to be played by different artistes. It appeared this was the first showing of "Twisted Things" since their break (I guess the end of one season). Now if 5 different people leave the same show (or are fired) at the same time, what does it say about the show? Come to think of it, had it been "Grey's Anatomy" or some other meaningful show, they would have found a way to exit those characters out of the drama and probably introduced new ones. Then again, I doubt 5 people would leave a serious drama series at the same time. Maybe the break was so they could find new people to play those characters.

Anyways, I wasn't interested in sitting back to see if the new actors and actresses made any difference (a good one hopefully) to the show or watch just to critique. I decided my time would be better spent with Jack Bauer. So "24" it was for me.

Viasat 1, you seriously need some restructuring. This isn't the first time you've continuously advertised a show for a certain time, which turned out to be wrong. While you're at it, please consider taking off "Twisted Tips" and "Hostel" (another very useless show I don't even want to get into). Unless really, that is the kind of station you want to be. In that case, you've lost me and quite a number of serious minded people who want to be entertained with something that actually makes sense.


  1. American television is social programming.

  2. You sure do watch a lot of television. Lol! On a more serious note, the only programmes I watch on Viasat are Adams Apples and X-factor; I only watch the station on Sunday evenings. Heck! I would rather read a book than be bombarded with mediocre material.

    Great post! Keep writing girl!

    1. Thanks Enyonam.
      Used to really watch a lot of television but now, doesn't seem like there's much worth watching on Gh television. Sticking to my downloads :D and rediscovering my love for novels.


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