Friday, December 13, 2013

Adventures in a Foreign Land - Robot

I was heading to a concert in a country other than mine (and so determined to not be late). Knowing the concert would be packed, I left the hotel so many hours before gates to the venue would open (I sensed there would be mad traffic).

I am close to the venue and some of the roads were closed depending on the ticket one had (I had VVIP tickets so, all roads were open to me :D). I showed my ticket to one of the security men, and he says "ok, first robot, second robot then take left". I am looking at him totally in awe because in my head, they got robots to direct people at the concert. Totally awesome if you ask me. My chauffeur goes like (he had to speak because my mouth was still open in awe) "ok, thank you", then drives off.

We go forward for a bit then my chauffeur takes a left. "Ah! Why did he do that? The robots haven't even come yet", - that was me thinking in my head. Aloud, I go like, "I think you've made a mistake. The security man said we should take a left after the second robot".
Chauffeur: "But that's what I did".
Me: "No, the robots haven't come yet".
Chauffeur: "hahahahahahahaha... (I'm sure if he could have, he would have been rotflhao).
Me: "Did this guy just lose his marbles" - that was in my head. Aloud, "Why? What's wrong".
Chauffeur: "Robot is the traffic light. What the security man said meant, I take left after second traffic light".
Me: Looking very foolish, "Eh! Traffic light is robot? Eish! I didn't know ooo... In my country, traffic light is just that, traffic light".

Moral: unless your name is Google, you don't know everything!


  1. blessings.....
    No one, no thing knows everything, its why we communicate with each other because when we do so we share our knowledges hence broaden it as well. Live and learn, lingo differs everywhere.



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