Friday, December 20, 2013


An award is something given to a person or group of people to recognise their excellence in a certain field.

There are different kinds of awards, which recognise individuals or groups for various reasons. Eg. there's the Nobel, Pulitzer, Academy Awards (Oscars), Grammy Awards, Excellence Awards (Ghana) etc. Some organisations also choose to award hardworking employees at the end of every month or end of every year.

What is the essence of awards? Well (this is just me thinking) I'd presume to recognise persons who have excelled in their field so they keep up with their good work, and possibly encourage others in that field to work harder and strive to be awarded the next time around (I guess).

What really happens? Persons are awarded, persons don't get awarded and there is sometimes dissatisfaction especially in situations where the same people are awarded over and over and over again and the selection criteria is not exactly clear cut.

If a body chooses to give any kind of award, is the body obligated to let anyone (especially those in that field) know what the selection criteria is (well, so maybe they will try to meet the criteria the next time if they don't get awarded this time) or is it really just the body's business (after all, it is the body's money that is sponsoring the awards) and whoever may have a problem should just go organise their own awards and award themselves?

Anyways, so I recently witnessed some people get awarded, and I also witnessed some people get upset about some of the individuals being awarded, and I also heard the organisers tell all those who had issues with it to go organise their own awards if they wanted. I witnessed the presentation of these awards have the opposite effect to what I stated earlier as the essence. People who did not get awarded were so upset (bitter) that they decided not to bother putting in their best. Why? Because in their opinion, they put in their best year after year and do not get recognised, while the same people get recognised year after year. In their opinion, if the body presenting the awards feels the same people put in their best year after year, then they too will sit back, not lift a finger and watch while these supposed hard workers do all the work (after all, they are going to get awarded for it anyways so they might as well do all the work because that seems to be the message being sent out).

Just makes me wonder. What's the point? Shouldn't some awards just be scrapped so everyone just does their work?

Creating enemies for some people. smh! Totally unnecessary.


  1. Blessings and Merry Christmas to you and yours. May this season of love be the season that runs through you, your home, your family throughout the year.


    1. Merry Christmas and the best of 2014. God bless.


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