Friday, February 21, 2014

Pet Peeves III!

And picking up from Pet Peeves! and Pet Peeves II!

10. Water.
I am back on the subject of water. No, my taps aren't running (still). Well, the Ghana Water Company after 3 days of no water decided to turn the taps on yesterday at about 11am (like most people weren't at work) and turn them off again at 10pm. I get home like 6pm and the water is barely trickling through my taps (it took about an hour to get a full bucket of water) until the taps eventually stopped running at 10pm.
Ok, ok, ok, I now know it is very possible for me to actually take a bath with a bucket (more like half a bucket) of water. I promise not to use like 10 (that's if I can quantify how much water I use) and I promise not to wash my hands like 15 times everyday (it really doesn't matter that I have a very mild OCD). I promise, I'll conserve water (even though I pay for all the water I use and don't cheat the system). Now please let the taps flow!
On my way to work this morning, I'm seeing people washing their cars and I'm thinking, really? And then I could have sworn people were fetching sea water. I saw a truck with barrels of water on it being pushed by 4 men and they were coming from the direction of the sea (I used the beach road). I hope they aren't drinking it. For cooking, washing and bathing, I guess it's ok (not 100% sure though). But really, that's how bad it is. Sea water. Hmmmmmm...

11. Ludacris.
What has he got to do with me? Nothing, except that just about every barber shop in Accra (not sure about the rest of Gh) has to have this particular picture on their billboard/signboard/something.
I got curious about where the people were getting the picture from so I Googled him and voila!
Is it about the way his facial hair is cut or what? I'm sure he's not the finest, most popular guy in the world. Aren't there any Gh men who qualify to be used to advertise a barber shop?
One example of a thousand other barber shops in Accra
I'm sure when he came to Gh, organisers of the concert didn't take him on a tour proper of Accra. If they had, one of two things might have happened.
a) He'd have freaked out and left Gh that very instant, concert cancelled.
b) He'd have stayed for his concert and stayed after to be king of Gh. Oh yeah, his face is more popular on the streets of Accra than it ever was in any family album of his.

12. Gh Police.
Is it just my overactive imagination or is there always extra traffic when police officers are directing at a traffic light (faulty or just cos they feel like it)?

13. DP and DV number plates.
I was under the impression that DP plates were issued usually at the ports (for imported cars) and expired 15 days from the day of issue.
How have you been doing it? Avoiding or palm greasing?
So why am I seeing a 2013 DP plate a month and a half into 2014? Even if the plate was issued on December 31, 2013, I'm sure we're more than 15 days into 2014.
Then the DV plates. They last longer (a maximum of one year) and are supposed to be used on a car after the DP plate expires, until the car is registered. There are a whole bunch of rules as to how they are to be used (as in cars with DV plates). Eg. you can carry only a certain number of people in the car, the car can only be used from 6am to 7pm, the car can't be used for funerals, weddings etc. DV plated cars really are to be used for testing by potential buyers. So I ask, what is a 2013 DV plated car doing in 2014?
How are you also doing it?
And I had to end at number 13. Then again I am from Gh and the number 13 really is not supposed to have any significance for me (yeah, just like it wouldn't make much sense to sit here in Gh and celebrate Thanksgiving).
But seriously, Ghana Water Company, I really can't do the one half bucket of water no more!


  1. The thought of substituting grimy ocean water for your cooking and washing needs kinda makes me snicker a little. Good thing you guys are right on the coast! And if all else fails, there's the Bar Beach closeby too! *Evil snicker* Lool!

    Hey, you know you should seriously flip this over and do one of 'Dentaa's favorite things', I.e stuff that actually tickles your fancy, otherwise I'm going start being concerned about this 'mild' OCD.

    1. hmmmmm... Dentaa's favourite things? Now that's a thought.
      There's a whole bunch of stuff you should be leaving, like my extremely, very extremely, mild, very mild OCD :D
      *Evil snicker*? Why can I almost picture that?

  2. LOL. Sweetie. Now I'm inspired to do a pet peeve post. And favourite things as well. Lol @ barbering salon too. Lagos salons also have Ludacris. Many have 50 cents too. And in that picture 50 has his head so I'm not even sure what the point is. Sorry abt your water issues though. Going through same and I buy water for drinking and cooking.

    1. Yep, yep, totally you should. Thinking about the favourite things too.
      Finally, I got water running through my taps, yay!
      Just wondering if using Ludacris or 50 cents picture means they can make you (your hair) look like either of them, smh!


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