Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pet Peeves!

Before I get into it, nah, just lemme get into it (I'm usually cranky this time of year).

1. Valentine's day (yuck!). I dislike, I dislike, I dislike. Val's day has always overshadowed my birthday and I hardly ever get to get a val's present and a birthday present in the same year (that translates to I never get the two).
How come name changes are allowed but not birth date changes?

2. I turned 29 on February 15 (see why I dislike val's day) but I don't look a day older than 17 (I guess that really can't be a pet peeve).
Judge for yourself. Took this right now!
And I got this lovely cake (which I am still eating) and have no intention of sharing. Boy is it huge!
My lovely, huge cake, which I intend eating all by myself (I've lost too much weight)
Reason it's a pet peeve (me turning 29) is cos I'm almost 30 and I haven't conquered mars yet.
It will happen. Still got a whole year (almost) to 30 :D
Before anyone jumps on my neck about me self worshipping, I'll do what I should have started with. I thank God for how far He has brought me, and I am grateful I have lived long enough to see my 29th year on this earth. I can't thank you enough Father, You have been extremely good to me, and I am grateful, and forever will be.

3. There's this ad I hear on radio for Edlorm Homes and it is just amazing. The person chosen to do the ad might possibly be a Ga. Why? He cannot or refuses to pronounce the letter 'H'. Did I say the ad is a home ad and he manages to say 'home' not less that 5 times without the 'H'? Edlorm Homes, are you serious or you trying to be funny? Patiently awaiting a parallelogram ad to be done by an Ashanti man.

4. I have mentioned this before, but I'll say it again (when has having said something before stopped me?).
MTN, the 18001 number you have on the back of your official cars for other road users to call in case your driver is driving recklessly still doesn't get picked up. You obviously need to employ someone to pick calls to that number, better still just take the number off the back of your cars (it's annoying when I see it since I know no one will pick up when I call. I'm sure your drivers know this that's why they are extra reckless on the road). One of them almost caused me to have an accident 2 weeks ago and I call and no one picks up the phone. Last time I did and blogged about it was July 1, 2011. So, it's been over 2 years and that number is still as it is.

Pet peeves II tomorrow (post got long already, my new year just begun and I have changed my life).


  1. You're definitely a very calm person if these are your pet peeves. The edlorm "omes" sounds very funny. And you definitely look so young to be 29.

    1. Yay! I don't look 29. Whew! I can still conquer mars and look fab while I do it :D

  2. 1. Happy belated birthday Dentaa!
    2. As already said, picture looks lushly 18!
    3. All I care about is a piece of that cake! Looks divine. You skipped the fiber details of who ordered the cake.


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