Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Don't Change!

In response to the behaviour of others, changing you might seem a good idea, but is it really?

Let's say you are a very giving person, and you do so cheerfully. Everyone likes a cheerful giver, but there are those who will just take advantage and use you always and only to their benefit. Should you change?
Let's say you love to smile. You smile all the time. Even when you sad, you find the silver lining in whatever situation you going through and still smile. You find out that not everyone that smiles back at you actually means it. They smile to your face, turn around and behind you say nasty stuff about you or worse yet do nasty stuff to you. Should you change?

Yesterday, I went to use an ATM. There were 2 ATM's in front of the bank, one was being used by a customer so I went to the next. The customer finished and left while I took my time to complete my transaction. I was about to do something (I guess it could be called weird) so I turned around first. There was this lady standing not too far behind me, but I figured she must be waiting for someone inside the bank. She couldn't possibly be wanting to use the ATM because the other machine was not in use. I took a second, thought about it, and went on ahead to do what I wanted to do.
I will not put money in my purse until all the notes are well arranged. The notes have to all face the same direction with whatever inscription or picture on them facing the same direction. In order not to inconvenience others (and to avoid stares), I take the money from the ATM, walk away, and then I do my arrangement before the money goes in my purse.
When I was done with my arrangement, I carefully put the money in my purse (I don't like crumpled notes in my purse either) and backed away from the ATM. Then the lady behind me moves towards the machine. Of course I feel bad, so I say, "so sorry, didn't realise you wanted to use the ATM. So sorry about that". The lady walks on by with an angry look on her face and doesn't acknowledge that another human just spoke to her. I'm about to walk out of the area, but I feel like turning around and asking her why she didn't just use the other machine. I decided against it. No point in being confrontational. I did after all inconvenience her (more like she inconvenienced herself) and for a second I wondered why I even bothered apologising to this lady. For one thing she didn't want my apology and I thought she standing there waiting for me to finish was just plain silly. There was a very not-in-use ATM right next to me, with the very same buttons and functions as the one I was using.

Should the same situation happen again today would I do the same thing I did yesterday? Yes (minus me doing the arrangement of the money in the presence of another).
When I offend someone, I say sorry, when I inconvenience someone, I say sorry. Whether they want it or not, whether they choose to acknowledge it or not, that is just me.

My money arranging is restricted to notes, no coins (they'll get themselves disarranged anyway if I bother).


  1. Really don't know what to say, cos honestly, I'd most likely have walked away too.

    1. Yep, sometimes walking away is the better choice.


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