Friday, September 04, 2015

Adventures in a Foreign Land - Ice Skating

Yes, this one too!
How could I be in such a cold climate and not try it at least once?
Besides, at the time, I was watching the Winter Olympics and it was so fascinating watching people glide, twist, twirl, look so graceful on blades and ice. Ice that made me fall when I walked on it.

I loved where I worked. My work colleagues were amazingly amazing and my boss was just the ish! She throws a staff party for us in her home during the Christmas season and then she takes us all ice skating. Yes, finally, I also get to glide, twist, twirl and look so graceful... (or so I thought) until I saw what I would be gliding on.

How does anyone even stand on these, much more glide and twirl in them?
But me, no, no giving up. I was going to look graceful.
A few times, I managed to stand, by myself. But, just stand. No walking, and definitely no gliding. Nope, no skating.

I'm sure I fell right after taking this picture. 
But most of the time, this happened, and happened, and happened again.

And then I stood up, dusted myself up and improvised.

Like this, boy did I skate. Loved it! (thanks Allen for the support and for the idea *wink*)
Bottom line, I had fun! We all had mad fun!

Miss you guys!
Moral: you fall, you rise, you improvise, adapt and move on...
Moral: we all need each other.
See how I was assisted by Allen in his wheelchair? Who'd have thought that'd be the way it'd be? It usually is supposed to be the other way round.


  1. People look so flawless when skating..doing all the perfect twirls and all. Somewhere in my head I can do the same when I get the opportunity
    Yeah, you sure look like you had fun.

    1. I am glad I am not the only one skating flawlessly in my head :D


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