Tuesday, October 18, 2011

No Truck Pushers!

I'm loving these new road signs which seem to be made for Ghana by Ghanaians.
Seriously, I'd love to see them all over the place. At the moment, they seem to only be in bougie places where visitors to Gh are likely to pass (well, I get that) but what about the other places I pass eh?

And oh, I'm loving the fact that all "trucks" are getting registered by the AMA as well. I wonder if they have to pay anything cos when they get in my way on the road, I usually scream at them and ask them if they also pay road worthy fees (got that from a friend's mom) like me. Since they don't and I do, they should just get out of my way. Now, what am I gon scream at them eh? I am hoping though that the registration will bring some sanity into the truck pushing business in Gh.

(I hope that's what it means ooo. When I was taking my driving test, this road sign hadn't been invented)


  1. sometimes its just annoying when they cross you in traffic. to make matters worse, the pushers tend to think the trucks are actually cars. first time here and following, check out www.apysworld.blogspot.com sometime too

  2. WOw we now have no truck pusher signs?? Hmm Ghana is Progrssing. Thanks to A.M.A though. i passed an Award to you,please see my blog.:)

  3. They are getting the trucks registered? That's good but still an interesting path.

  4. I think a lot of us share in ur experience, its really sad. Surely we have to avoid these 4 Ts on our roads. TICO, TAXI, TROTRO, TRUCK and TRACTOR. Lol. this is my first time here and am following u.

  5. HAHAHA... funny! lol
    Never seen that too all my life.

    - LDP


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