Thursday, October 06, 2011

The Politics of Begging

There's this gentleman I see usually around Kwaku Doe's spot in a wheelchair. The striking thing about this gentleman is his wheelchair is always decorated with New Patriotic Party (NPP) colours plus he always has the NPP flag flying on his chair.

The question I always ask myself is doesn't he realise he's going to drive away potential donors who do not belong to the NPP or worse yet loathe the party? But then of course he stands the chance of getting huge donations from NPP supporters who will be impressed by his open display of loyalty to the party even in his condition.

I saw him this afternoon but he seemed more interested in staring at the World Trade Centre, Accra than begging for money while Kwaku Doe and this other gentleman in a wheelchair were busy doing their thing. Guess he was taking a break.


  1. From Kwaku Doe to this Political Beggar ? i sure have missed alot..will be back fully soon :)

  2. Well, the beggar teaches a very important principle. He teaches that one should be bold enough to 'stand' for something even though some may not agree. Also, at the expense of something (in this case, alms).

    We need to consciously learn to 'stand' for something (principles),if not, our societies will.....


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