Monday, April 30, 2012

Note: Biometric Voter ID Cards Not Accepted!

Saturday, a friend calls me up. She's got another cellular phone (what's up with Ghanaians and multiple cellular phones?) and she needs a sim card for it. I ask her if she's got the sim card and she says yes but she can't use it cos she wasn't able to register it. Apparently, she'd tried registering it but was told by the phone company that the new biometric voter id cards were not accepted, and she doesn't have any other form of national identification.

Not long after speaking to her, I went to the bank to deposit some money into a friend's account. There was this young lady in front of me wanting to cash a cheque. She gets to the teller and as identification, shows her new biometric voter id card. The teller tells her it's not accepted and this young lady tries to argue but obviously, it was pointless. She then exits the bank. I guess that was the only identification she had on her.

I just want to know why the biometric voter id cards are not an accepted form of identification yet and why aren't these people telling us why they are not accepted (there has to be a reason, right?). Cos my friend wasn't given a reason and this young lady in the bank was obviously not given one. Seriously, it just makes people get into unnecessary arguments *rollingeyes*.


  1. Erm i heard thats for voting alone..thats why they have the National Id too.. :)

    1. Really? Had no idea. I don't even have the national id card ooo...


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