Thursday, April 26, 2012

What A Shock!

I remember someone sent me an audio file a while ago. I honestly don't remember it too good. It was something about age of death in relation to obituary title. I really thought it was a joke (just Ghanaians at our creative best). So you can imagine my shock when I saw this at the back of a bus this morning.

49 is kinda young

Apparently, age at death determines the title of the obituary."What a Shock", "Gone Too Soon" etc. are used for people that died young while "Call to Glory", "Home Call" etc. are used for people that hit three score and ten before they kicked the bucket. There's actually an elaborate break down in the audio file but I must have not paid attention plus I deleted it :(


  1. Sounds funny, that reminds me, a guy went to a shop to buy A4 sheet, he didn't know the paper was called A4 so he told the seller he wanted to buy 'What a Shock' paper. The seller laughed her heart out before bring out the paper.

    1. hahahahaha... What a shock paper? lol

  2. Im holding the laughter back.. (>_<)


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