Monday, April 16, 2012

VGMA's - Who Are You Wearing?

I know a lot of people are talking about the just ended Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) for a whole lot of reasons but I just have to talk about the red carpet.

Now, that part of the show was hosted by KOD and Confidence of Aphrodisiac (hope this is how she spells it) Night Club and Big Brother Africa fame. My favourite part of all that was when the hosts asked the celebrities who they were wearing (I guess which fashion designer made their outfit and accessories). Some mentioned some designers we are all familiar with (such as Dior), others used the opportunity to announce the fact that they are about to launch their own clothing line and are wearing a design from that clothing line, some others also mentioned local designs such as KOD's 1957 collection and then there were those who gave shout outs to their seamstresses and tailors, which I thought was interesting.

My seamstress sews real good but I don't even know her name. Actually, she's my mum's seamstress and she sews for me sometimes. I wouldn't exactly say what she sews for me are her creations cos I look on one of those calender-like charts with pictures of people in nice clothes and I pick a style I like. Sometimes I describe to her a style I saw someone wear, which I like or I even draw something I came up with (that would make it my design right? and she sews (I'm sure a lot of Gh seamstresses and tailors work like that). In that case, that wouldn't make them the designer, right?

My all time favourite was when one of the hosts asked a musician who she was wearing and she went like "my own design. I went to a shop and bought it". Another one was "I don't even know, I just put something together from my wardrobe".

So, next GMA's, celebrities that plan on doing the whole red carpet thing should start saving up right about now, so they can afford to get themselves some Versace, D&G or Dior or even something from one of the fabulous local designers. But seriously, enough with the shout outs to seamstresses and tailors (they aren't designers). But really, is the whole red carpet thing necessary especially the "who are you wearing" bit or are we just copying blindly?


  1. Thank you so much Dentaa. I didn't get to watch the awards but I heard about that and saw a few snippets on the news.

    I kept asking myself "Why the F**K do I want to know who someone is wearing?" It could be from Kantamanto and we would never know anyways. lol!

    I would understand if they want to copy "Fashion Police" on E! but, this is absolutely unnecessary.

    1. Thanks Enyo, my sentiments exactly, totally unnecessary!

  2. Dentaa how are you? I share in your write-up, I wondered whether KOD and Confi were doing some cantata or concert or whatever they term it. It looked so outrageous to me, cos I was wondering if a celeb got his/hers from a 'bend down' boutique, u know some of these celebs have people in Kantamanto who give them the 1st selection when they go for their goods. I couldn't help laughing when one guy couldn't tell who he was wearing, Confi turned up his collar to see the label, then fliped the jacket open to see if there was any label, when she couldn't find anything she then let him go. I felt sorry for this guy cos, he felt embarrassed by Confi's action.

    Anyway, if you ask me, I'll tell you I wear my sister, cos she sews real good to fit my curves. lol. want to try her?

  3. lol, I just might take you up on that offer and try your sis too. I'm doing well, hope you are good too Docia.

  4. The stars were giving shouts out to their local tailors and seamstresses? That's funny but I like! Thats a big game changer right there. Its time now for the tailors to step up their game so their works can be red-carpet worthy next year.
    I saw a pic of a lady (hostess) wearing a red dress on the red carpet, interviewing the stars. Couldn't tell where the carpet ended and where her dress started. She sure needs a seamstress instead of an european designer dress.

    1. hahahahahaha... next GMA's, it's all about the seamstresses and tailors :D

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