Monday, April 22, 2013

Definitely Deadly!

Yep, keeping to my "at least one post a week" plan.

Sometime last month, my friend, Enyonam put up a post about Deadly Billboards and I commented on it, mostly cos I know just how badly billboards in Ghana are put up by anyone (that feels like it), without consideration for certain rules, regulations and guidelines eg. wind direction, I guess no one takes into consideration the fact that if something goes wrong, these billboards could just fall on a passing vehicle or on a pedestrian or cause major havoc (who cares, until something terrible happens?).

I really do wonder who gives permission for some of these billboards to be put up in the first place. AMA? Sad thing is, even when something does go wrong, and fortunately, there are no casualties, and these billboards are hanging dangerously by the last thread (metal equivalent), they remain that way until someone decides to do their job (which of course they take their precious time in deciding to do) before it is either removed or fixed.

Deadly Billboard at Labone Junction
This billboard is located at Labone Junction, and it remained the way it is, as seen in the picture above for about a week (was prolly more. I took this picture after seeing it like that for a week). When something was done about it (last Friday), the flexi/sav (printed material) was removed leaving behind the metallic frame. I'm yet to see the billboard today.

The billboard advertises an IT school in Ghana and has Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah on it (I guess as icon). I'm guessing y'all know which IT school I'm talking about.

Who do we blame? The organisation/product being advertised that paid for the billboard? The advertising agency handling the billboard? The regulatory body (if there is such)?


  1. lol! Just go ahead and say it! IPMC!. Usually, it is the company that puts up the billboard's duty to ensure that it is in good shape. And of course, the advertising agency must monitor these billboards and draw the attention of the billboard company in cases of faults.


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