Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Where's Kwaku Doe?

I honestly cannot truthfully answer the question and I really would like an answer to it myself. I'd hazard a guess and say he's where he has always been (he has been at the same place since I started this blog). Oh my! I missed my anniversary :( It's been 2 years since I started blogging. I started blogging at the end of March 2 years ago and for some reason (work related mostly) I hardly put up anything anymore.

About Kwaku Doe, hmmmmm.... I've been using this different route to work consistently for a couple of months now, and whenever I do use my old route on weekends, he's not there (maybe he has found a new spot). Well, I sort of found a new Kwaku Doe who I see every morning cos he's not far from where I live. This one does beg for money but he also directs traffic. Our relationship (if you can call it that) started with me totally disliking him cos he dissed me one time when I refused to give him money (like it was a must, just cos he asked). Now, we are pretty cool cos I pointed out to him what he did (seems he forgot. makes sense cos I'm sure he disses 1,000 people in a day. he can't possibly remember us all) and he actually went on his knees in the middle of the road to beg for my forgiveness. I wanted so much for him to get up that I said I'd let it go and to prove it, I gave him a GH¢1 note (people don't like it these days when you give them coins. times are that hard. a beggar got to survive too).

Happy blogger anniversary to me.
Mental note - I will make the time to at least post something once every 2 weeks (I would love to do it more often but...).

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